AJET Education and Professional Development

AJET Education and Professional Development supports AJET Members as education professionals.  Whether you have many years of experience and are planning on continuing a career in education after JET, or have never heard of ESL, we’re here to help throughout your entire tenure in Japan by providing:

  • Peer-reviewed lesson plans.
  • Information and peer reviews on ESL certification, Japanese Language courses, and the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.
  • Education-related news and translations of government teaching mandates.
  • Information on conferences throughout Japan where JETs can exchange teaching ideas and gain professional presentation experience.
  • Opportunities to present at the JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching) national conference.
  • Information on professional organizations in Japan.
  • Information on research publishing opportunities.
  • Discounts on education-related products and services.

Check out all the content under the “Resource” menu under “Education & Professional Development”. Or, if you have any questions/suggestions, please send them to the AJET Education & Professional Development Coordinator here.