GASSAN ROCK 2011 – Shonai (Haguro), Yamagata

musicWhat: AJET leaving party, All day music fest…..your music your festival!
Place: Shonai (Haguro)
Date: July 17th (in japan the sea opens the next day, perfect place to recover!)
Time: open 12:00, start 1:00pm.
Tickets: 2,000yen. ON SALE NOW! (current venders : aido, mide, sandy, sakata music factory, studio+14 tusuruoka.

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boku wa kimi ni ai wo kataruyo
“Let’s rock out in style at Gassan Rock 2011 and make a difference!”

Over the past few months, we, living in Tohoku, have been in the kind thoughts and prayers of those from all over the world. So….we think, it’s about time we enjoyed ourselves, and what better way than through the sound of music.
ボクハ キミニ アイヲ カタルヨ。”
…Souzou-no-mori is set amid the beautiful hills of Haguro town over looking Tsuruoka city, Yamagata ken. This is a perfect opportunity to kick back and enjoy the music with new and old friends. Being the July long weekend, it gives people plenty of time to get there and to recover before heading back to work on Tuesday. So round up your possy
and make the most of it.

Google map: 創造の森 羽黒町川代字向山628 山形県鶴岡市

This is a non-profit event, any earnings will be distributed to selected tsunami aid organisations.


  • Entry fee: \2000 – all proceeds going to tsunami aid organisations
  • Gates open: 12:00 , First act: 13:00
  • Bands: Fridayz / Hashi Jouzu / Turbo Hige / Dan Meyer / The Hipnotic Timber / jinro / Shiho / K-ST / Paraleruout ……and many more etc.
  • Camping: Free- please bring your own tents and bedding
  • Cabin option: \500, women have priority, 100 people limit, no bedding provided.
  • BBQ: space only available, please bring all necessary material
  • Eating / Drinking: BYOB, there are drink stalls and snacks available –
  • Beer: \300~, non-alcoholic drinks: \150~.

Although this is a fun loving event, there are some conditions and rules to be followed:

  • Rain or shine- the show WILL go on.
  • Please bring all your own everything ( bbq,plates,cups,food,drinks,etc.).
  • At the gate, you will be given one garbage bag, please dispose of your rubbish appropriately and bring the bag home with you.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area. Please refrain from smoking outside of this area.
  • Underage guests (U19) are not permitted to drink alcohol or spend the night on the grounds.
  • On the day of the festival, please check the blog for any updates.
  • Leave your heels at home girls, this is an outdoor festival, please dress appropriately.
  • Avoid wandering into the woods, you’ll get lost.
  • Please respect the staff authority.
  • If it’s illegal in Japan, it’s illegal at the festival – common sense please.
  • No drinking and driving
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damages-please take care of your belongings.
  • It will get cold at night-bring appropriate clothing.
  • Please bring: raincoat, torch, gum boots, bug spray

Stick to the rules and let’s rock out!!!!!


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Wanna invite your japanese friends, here`s a little japanese explanation to pass on!!


Gassan Rock FESTIVAL 2011

12:00     会場

  • 場所 創造の森 山形県鶴岡市羽黒町川代字向山628小さな出逢いが、大きな物語に。
  • 東北に暮らす若き外国人と東北の若者で創る東北全体の野外フェス!!
  • 海抜200m 庄内平野を一望できる場所。
  • 飲み物も食べ物も持ち寄りでバーベキュー。
  • 出店もあるよ。
  • 芝生に寝そべりながら、新しく出会う音楽と、新しく出会う人。
  • アコースティックステージでは素敵な椅子と空間が待ってます。
  • 気になる子を誘って会場をすこし離れ散歩道や展望台に。
  • 初夏の暑さを音楽がさらに暑くし、風の揺らす木々が風と影をくれる。
  • 最高のエンディングを迎えるメインステージ。
  • キャンプファイヤーを囲み、アンプラグド 生音でセッション。
  • テント持参でキャンプも自由。酒がいっぱい飲めるなぁ。
  • テントが無い女の子は、交流館にブランケットとワンコインがあれば泊まれる。
  • 仲良くなったTomodachiと、星を見ながらコミット。
  • loveな子でもlikeな子でも庄内平野の夜景を一緒に。
  • 僕達がhappyになることは、東北のhappyになる。
  • そう考えたのです。
  • 雨でもやるよ!!