Meiji University’s “Cool Japan Summer Program”

Meiji University

This summer, one of the nation’s leading universities, with 130 years of history, will offer its first-ever ‘Cool Japan Summer Program’ where you will come face-to-face with Japan. Focusing especially on manga and anime, Meiji University has designed a diverse program that entwines the traditional and the avant-garde. Twelve days of engrossing field trips, hands-on studio workshops, and lectures by prominent experts.

Included: a four-day journey to beautiful Kyoto, the capital of traditional culture.

Your eyes will open anew to the true Japan; your mind will fill with new knowledge of the nation and its aesthetics.

Come join us, and discover your own Cool Japan!
Download the information here! (356KB PDF)

-Meiji University

Meiji University明治大学国際連携本部では,2010年8月2日から13日までの2週間,”Cool Japan Summer Program 2010″を開講します。



Download the information here! (356KB PDF)