JET Alumni Involvement in Tourism/Economic Activities

National AJET is currently conducting surveys to assess touristic and economic aspects of the JET Programme. We hope to make the case for the value of the JET Programme to both Programme sponsors and third parties beyond education and internationalization; to this end, we will be asking for responses from not only current JETs, but also JET alumni.

For current JET participants, please respond to the survey here.

For JET alumni, please respond to the survey here.

The surveys will be open from September 26th to October 13th. All answers are collected anonymously. Please take the time to complete these surveys so that your AJET National Council may better serve your interests at the 2014 Winter Opinion Exchange meetings with the three Ministries and CLAIR this December.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or feedback you may have. Your input is highly valued and we appreciate your time and assistance.