The Fruit Tree Project

Fruit Tree ProjectHello, my name is Paul Yoo and I am a current JET in Yurihonjo, Akita.  In wake of the recent disaster, we, in Akita, have actively been involved in the relief efforts and are doing our best to contribute in this time of need. The Fruit Tree Project spawned from our trip down to Kesennuma to drop off supplies.  While at the shelter we had the opportunity to talk about what their needs were, and FRESH FRUIT was their unanimous answer.  After leaving the shelter we contacted a local store manager who agreed to help us in our efforts, and offered to make orders for us from his wholesale fruit provider (located in Kesennuma!!!).  He assured us that all of our orders could be accommodated for as long as we placed them the day before.

The details for this plan are SET.  The only thing we need now is funding.  It is heart-breaking to know that the people aren’t able to get what they need, especially with a source so close to them.  We have to change this.  Right now, the shelter we are in contact with accommodates 1,100 people and receives prepared meals from the Japanese military.  They get a bowl of rice and miso soup for meals.  For this first project, our goal is to establish the infrastructure it takes to get fresh fruits into the shelters, while also raising awareness of this issue.  Our hope is that others, who are looking to make a difference, will continue The Fruit Tree Project in other cities and towns effected by the disaster.

Please visit VolunteerAKITA for more information on how you can help.

AJET Cares

Dear JET Participants,

As you know, many JETs live in areas that were heavily affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Though relief agencies have been making headway, some regions are still without regular access to power, heat, or supplies. NAJET has provided information on volunteering and donating through some of these organizations, but now we’d like to focus on helping out within our own community, JET to JET.

If you have been looking for a way to get involved, whether as a local AJET chapter, as a group, or as an individual,  here is an opportunity to help on a very personal level. We will be putting together a database of request for assistance and offer to help from across the nation. JETs in affected areas will be paired with JETs from areas that are able to provide support. Our hope is that this will strengthen the bonds within our community, while providing personal, timely aid.

We will try to arrange recipients and senders based on the specific requests and information provided by both sides. JETs who are able to send supplies should click on the link at the bottom of the page and fill out the “Application to Send Assistance” form. JETs who live in areas affected by disaster should fill out and submit the “Application to Receive Assistance” form at the corresponding link below. JETs living in affected areas may also include requests for items in need at a specific evacuation shelter.

Once NAJET pairs up applicants and contact is established on both sides, we hope that the support relationship will grow from there, and that JETs will be able to communicate between one another. However, if you need any advice or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The list of respondents will be continuously updated, and the more people can help out, the better. We strongly encourage senders to work together with their prefecture’s AJET chapter!

Guidelines for what to include, box size limits, etc. are included on the application forms.

We will be matching up JETs as we get more information, so it may take some time before you have a contact. We ask for your patience, and in the meantime, encourage you to get involved in your local communities by raising money or gathering donations. For a list of ways that you can help out, please browse our website.

Click here to SEND a care package
Click here to REQUEST a care package

For questions, comments, feedback, please contact:

The Crane Campaign

Crane CampaignThe Crane Campaign was created immediately following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011 by two British ex-ALTs from the JET Programme (1993-1995 Shizuoka-ken) and a web designer who wanted to involve local school children in the UK in raising awareness for the plight of the Japanese victims.   The concept is simple, schoolchildren are invited to make 1000 origami cranes (or senbazuru) in exchange for each child making a donation to charity. The Crane Campaign currently supports three charities – The British Red Cross, Save the Children and The Japan Society’s Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund.    All the details about what to do and how to join The Crane Campaign are provided on the website,  There is also a Facebook site for providing feedback and photos and we invite you all to come and follow us on twitter (@cranecampaign).

To date, over 10 schools across the South East of England have joined The Crane Campaign.  However, the campaign’s creators now want to spread the campaign further afield by including other JET participants around the world who want to help maintain an awareness, and to continue to raise funds, for the relief efforts in Japan.  Since starting this campaign, there has been nothing but positive feedback from the children (who want to help and like making the origami cranes) to the parents and teachers (who like teaching their children about social awareness).  It really shows the children that by doing by something simple, they really CAN make a difference in the world.  So it’s up to you, if your local school has not yet done anything to help with the Japan relief efforts, why not support this campaign and make it happen at a school near you!

Blood Donation Form

Many people have tried to give blood but have been turned away.  If it’s a language barrier problem, please print this translated blood donation form, complete it, and bring this form the next time you try.

Blood Donation Form – 154KB PDF

Volunteer & Donation Information By Prefecture

The following chart is a breakdown of prefecture volunteer & donation activities.

Volunteer Information

Donations Information

Event Information





Tohoku (Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima)




Kanto (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa)




Chubu (Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi)




Kansai (Mie, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama)




Chugoku (Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi)




Shikoku (Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi)




Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima)








Peace Boat taking volunteers from Tokyo to Tohoku Area


National AJET is coordinating with the NGO, Peace Boat, to send JETs wishing to volunteer in the Tohoku area. Peace Boat is working specifically in the town of Ishinomaki, in Miyagi prefecture. Each Friday for the next 3-4 weeks they will bring volunteers to Ishinomaki for one week shifts. Volunteers will help by: providing meals to those affected, helping at local evacuation sites, transporting goods, etc. Volunteers will work in teams of 5-6 people, with foreigner volunteer teams having a bilingual team leader.

Insurance options are provided and policies can be purchased at your pre-departure meeting.
If you are interested in volunteering please read the information below to see if you meet the requirements to volunteer. Finally, be sure to discuss when you will be absent from work and your leave situation with your supervisor before applying.

Read More

Can Up for Japan!

First you Maned up for Japan, now it’s time to Can Up!

National AJET would like to thank everyone who Maned Up for Japan. The response was amazing with over 4500 people signing up to the Facebook campaign. For many of you, you might be thinking ‘what’s next?’. How about showing the same giving spirit and joining the new campaign Can Up for Japan!

Although monetary donations have been a huge help to the relief effort, supplies and food donations are equally important in the near future.  Many people have been displaced from their homes and are currently living in shelters. Donations of food and other essentials such as plastic cutlery, paper plates, wet wipes and masks can help improve the quality of life of those who have lost almost all their material possessions.

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Guide to Creating Food and Supply Drives



By this point chances are that you are already very familiar with the terrible events that have happened due to the M 9.0 earthquake in the Tohoku region of Japan. The aftermath is something that Japan will be coping with for many years to come and, certainly in the immediate future, food and supply donations are just as important as monetary ones.
It can be difficult to know how to contribute to the relief effort but a food and supply drive can make a big difference.

This guide was made by National AJET. Please contact Victoria Murphy at if you have any questions or problems.
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Kansai Cares – Osaka AJET

Osaka AJET in collaboration with the fine establishment owners of Osaka are collecting food, daily needs supplies, and money for victims of the Tohoku Earthquake of March 11th, 2011.

From Tuesday, March 29th through April 1st, volunteers will be stationed between Wax and Kama Sutra to accept material donations from the hours of 8 to 11 pm. Cinquecento is also accepting donations now and during the hours the AJET table is not in …operation. In addition, on April 1st, there will be a charity Bar Night at participating bars around Osaka.

For 1000 yen, attendees can purchase a coupon and ticket sheet that contains vouchers good for: one free drink, one “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” drink, one 200円 off any cocktail, and one 300円 beer. Participants can buy as many of these sheets as they want and will be available at all participating bars while supplies last.

All proceeds and materials will go to Second Harvest Japan, a foodbank in Central Honshu who are currently directing their efforts to feeding victims of the earthquake and tsunami. You can find out more about Second Harvest Japan at

For more information please go to to this page.
You can also follow us on Facebook.

The following locations are participating in the April 1st Charity Night. Locations with a “*” are also accepting food and supply donations.

  • Wax
  • Kama Sutra
  • Cinquecento*
  • P’ Ka’s

Second Harvest Japan currently needs unexpired and unopened food that does NOT require refrigeration and the following items:

Ear plugs, earphones, eye masks, rice, retort-pouch food, canned food, emergency ration type of food, baby bottles, baby formulas, baby food, calorie-mate (energy bars), portable water tanks, bottled water, portable water filters, paper cups, plastic bottles, portable gas stoves, solid fuels, camping pots, lanterns, blue sheets (plastic sheets), ropes, portable toilets, toilet paper, tissues, wet wipes, paper diapers, menstrual pads, medicines, emergency kit, masks, gargles, soaps, shampoos (the kinds that don’t need water are good), underwear (not used), towels, blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, helmets, flash lights, slippers, batteries, candles, can openers, bottle openers, folding knives, trash bags, headache medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, pain killers, sanitizers, paper plates, paper cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, and chopsticks.

*unmailable items left off of list


ドリンク一杯無料券、ドリンク一杯かってもう一杯ついてくる券(BUY1 GET1)、カクテル200円OFF券、ビール300円券を含む)




  • WAX(上記期間中8時〜11時のみ救援物資引き取り可能)
  • Kama-Sutra(2上記期間中8時〜11時のみ救援物資引き取り可能)
  • Cinquesento(期間以前にも救援物資引き取り可能)
  • P’ Ka’s







3000 Letters for Japan

3000 Letters to Japan“3000 Letters for Japan” is a letter-writing project created by Gunma JET Jessie Zanutig, directed to students in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures who were affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Thousands of people around the world are writing letters and drawing pictures of hope and love and mailing them to Japan to be distributed to children who can use a smile right now.

Want to participate? Pull out your stationary and crayons, stickers and stamps and start writing! Mail your colourful letters to Jessie in Gunma and she will ensure they are delivered. Visit the project’s facebook page for details and ‘like’ it to participate and stay up-to-date as the letters roll in. Share this project with your friends around the world and get them writing! Let’s help reach and far surpass 3000 letters! Collectively we can make a difference.

Facebook Page:
Event Page:

Logo courtesy of Jason Yacalis

What is 5toSurvive?

5toSurviveBeen wondering what all the facebook statuses were about? Ready to find out what 5toSurvive is really about?

is an International walking/running event organised by Tom Cole, and English teacher in Ishikawa. Please see his message below to see how you can get involved, or even organise your own event!

As someone who lives in Japan, I have been both shocked at the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami, and amazed at how people are coming together to help those in need. Watching these events unfold, I’ve had one continuous thought on my mind, ‘How can I help?’. And when I sat down to think about what I could do, I turned to what I know best: running.

As a keen runner from a young age, I have entered many races and seen what charity runs can do. Each year the London marathon raises millions for charities, and now its our turn to make a difference for Japan.

So…here’s your chance. On Sunday, April 10th, at 3:11pm I am challenging myself to run 5toSurvive — 5kms to benefit earthquake/tsunami relief — and I’m asking all of you to join me. This is an event created for everyone, no matter who or where you are, to join forces and help.

If you’re a serious runner then go for it, if you’re not then have fun! Invite some friends, put on a costume, and walk the distance with a bucket for donations along the way. The great thing is you can decide the details of your event, but you’ll be doing it with others from around the world.

The idea is to run or walk 5km and raise money by doing it. Trust me, this really is where you can make a difference. There are 47 prefectures in Japan. If one person can raise 10,000 yen per prefecture, it will be 470,000 yen. Imagine what a group of 5 or 10 of you can do! (And now imagine runs in New York, London, Toronto, LA and you see what we are going to achieve!)

It’s easy to raise money — just join the 5toSurvive team on and your friends and family can easily donate to GlobalGiving’s earthquake relief efforts. Here’s how you get started in a few easy steps:

STEP 1: Go to and click ‘Get Started.’ and ‘Make Your Page.’ Choose ‘Personal Challenge’. It will ask you to choose a charity. Please search ‘Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund’ -‘ OR if you want to support orphanages and orphans affected by the disaster, click here for information on supporting Living Dreams & Smile Kids Japan. Now go to and click ‘Join Team.’ (Down at the bottom where it lists the team members). Select the page that you just made and join the team!

STEP 3: Plan your event — Big or small, its up to you. Feel free to run on your own. Or find people to run with you: a few friends or your local AJET group, running club, or college’s Japanese Culture Association. (To add an extra element of fun, plan to wear costumes!)

STEP 4: Raise awareness and tell people to sponsor you through your page so you can track your progress.

STEP 5: Go out and do it!
If you have any questions or are having trouble getting your 5km together, please contact

I’m urging you to do what you can to raise donations and awareness! There really is no quick fix, and rebuilding the region will take years. By joining 5toSurvive and running or walking what is probably less than your everyday commute to work, you can be a part of a worldwide effort to remember the victims of the tsunami and give the people still struggling in the face of such devastation a helping hand. If running isn’t your thing or you want to do more then follow in mine and others footsteps, I’d encourage you to organise something by yourself or with your friends!

Thanks! And I’ll see you on the starting line.
- Tom

Brought to you by Mr. Tom Cole, AJET, Smile Kids Japan, JetWit and JETAA.

If you have created your own 5toSurvive challenge, then please email us at so we can help you promote it!

To see the Toyama planned run please visit:
For Ishikawa please visit:
For Hokkadio please visit:
For Singapore please visit:

Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fundraising Events

Everyone needs a break from the constant news coverage on occasion. For those of you in unaffected areas, we highly encourage you to stay informed and aware of any changes to safety recommendations, but don’t drive yourself crazy obsessing over implausible worst case scenarios. In the next few weeks, there are many events going on that will get you out of your house and raise money for a good cause. We’ll continue to update our list as more events get added to the calendar.

In addition, if you want to plan your own fundraising event but don’t know where to start, this list may give you a few ideas.

Organizing/Attending an event that others might be interested in? Let us know at and we’ll add you to the list.

5toSurvive – International

For current 5toSurvive information, please check your local run.
Scarborough (UK) (link to come)
Ottowa (Canada) (link to come)
Ohio (link to come)

3,000 Letters For Japan – International

No matter where you are, you can get out your markers and stickers and decorate a short letter to send to children in the areas affected by the earthquake. For details, see the fb page:

Jammies For Japan – International

Join relief efforts for Japan’s earthquake & tsunami survivors without even getting dressed! Organize or join a Jammies for Japan day on Friday, April 8, 2011, raise $1 per person, and help ShelterBox ease the living conditions for the roughly half million displaced survivors in Japan’s Tohoku region. For help organizing your own Jammies for Japan day, see the facebook page:, For more information about ShelterBox: http://tinyurl/JammiesforJapan-Shelterbox


Tokyo Yamathon
Saturday, April 9th · 6:15am
Yoyogi Park (2mins walk from Harajuku Station)


Pub Quiz for Tohoku:
Friday, March 25 · 9:00pm – 11:00pm
Tin’s Hall (Tennoji / Osakaabenobashi Station)

Kansai Cares- Food, Supply, and Money Drive for Tohoku Earthquake Victims:
Tuesday, March 29 at 8:00pm – April 2 at 4:00am
Locations around Shinsaibashi
(From Tuesday, March 29th through April 1st, volunteers will be stationed between Wax and Kama Sutra to accept material donations from the hours of 8 to 11 pm. Cinquecento is also accepting donations now and during the hours the AJET table is not in …operation. In addition, on April 1st, there will be a charity Bar Night at participating bars around Osaka).

Charity Eikaiwa
Saturday, March 26 · 2:00-4:00
Clover in Yagi (Yamato-Yagi Station)

Info on Donation Drive Pick-Ups, etc. in Nara

Kumamoto AJET
Can Up for Japan
April 9th in conjunction with the annual pub quiz.

Charity Fashion Show
Where: CIC Building, directly in front of Toyama Station (Central exit)
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Date: June 18th, 2011

Charity Show
Where: Wing Wing Takaoka, directly in front of Takaoka Station (North exit)
Time: 1pm & 6pm
Date: July 1-2

Live Concert
6.30pm, April 9th Copper Ravens – a short walk from Beppu Station (See map below)
Cost: 2000 yen/general admission – 1500 yen/students
Entry includes 1 drink
Proceeds will be shared between NPO Mintsuna and the Red Cross.
Bands include:
The Routes
Willie Wahlin
Musy Tone
If anyone needs any info, or directions you can call Dai on 090-6892-2606.
Facebook page:!/event.php?eid=

Map to Copper Ravens:
Directions: Go down Ekimae Dori, the road down from the station. Where
you hit the Daily Yamazaki Conveni, turn right into the covered shopping
mall. Go straight passed two road crossings (within the mall) and maybe
a small alley about 100 yards from the end, and its there on the left
near an opening space where something has obviously been removed. Very
close to Hit Parade and Takegawara Onsen.

Live performances, fundraising contests, food and bizarres. Sunday, April 10 · 10:00am – 2:00pm
Shisa Elementary School Gym
More information on the Matsuura Fundraiser Planning facebook page.

Charity Open Mic

April 15th 9PM-11PM
APRE (Katamachi, Kanazawa city)
Sign-ups for performers start at 8:30PM and everyone is welcome to perform, whether they are from Ishikawa or not. Native Japanese performers are also welcome.
Donations collected at the event will be matched by an anonymous donor, up to 100,000 yen!!


Give a Day for Japan

JETAA UK – Edinburgh
Karaoke Evening
Friday 18th March from 8pm-1am: Argyle Bar, Edinburgh
Karaoke evening in aid of the earthquake and tsunami victims. Entry is £2/£4(non-members).

Cakes for Japan
Saturday 26th March from 11am-3pm: Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh
If you’d like to do something worthwhile to support the rescue efforts… please eat cake!

Sunday 27th March from 6pm: Tangs Restaurant, Edinburgh
JETAA AGM and Fundraising meeting

Fix Japan
Sunday 10th April: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Comedy Fundraising Event. More information to follow.

JETAA – Northern California
Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund
Sponsered by the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, this relief fund goes directly towards citizen relief efforts in most affeced areas.

Earthquake Relief Fundraiser
March 23rd, 6pm to 8pm – O! Izakaya
A community fundraising event in the upstairs mezzanine of O! Izakaya, located in the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco’s Japantown. 100% of the donations will go to the JETAA USA Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

JETAA New York
Xaverian High School Concert for Japan
March 31st, 7pm – Xaverian High School in Brooklyn.
Mr. Joseph Loposky, Director of Music at Xaverian has announced a benefit concert taking place at the school. Admission is $10 per person. A clothing drive has also be organised in cooperation with Catholic Relief Services. If you would like to participate, please drop off any garments for donation at the concert. Coinciding with our event, will be another in Japan organised by Anthony Bianchi ‘76 Inuyama City Council Member.

JJETAA – Jamaica
March 26th
“Cranes for Prosperity and Hope”
The JETAA will spearhead a project with other Japanese related organisations to make 1000 cranes. The cranes will be given to the Ambassador of Japan in Japan.

JETAA – Toronto
April 1st 8pm – Hard Rock Café, 279 Yonge St., Toronto
Japan Benefit Party
Toronto JETAA are hosting an event at the Hard Rock Café. There will be live bands, and a silent auction with trips to New York, CN Tower tours and other prizes. All proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross’s efforts in Japan.

JETAA – Wellington, New Zealand
30th March – New Zealand wide!
2011 Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Appeal
An appeal in association with the Red Cross. One element of the appeal is the collection of donations for a sticker and t-shirts designed by Jun Arita, an artist based in NZ. For more information on the event see the website or the facebook page

JETAA – South Africa
The South African chapter of JETAA will be having an eathquake-tsunami relief raffle this Saturday, 26 March. It will be at – Matsuya, Parkview Mall, Garsfontein, Pretoria. The time is 12H00 – 15H00. For more information: +27 12 346 0800

Chicago JETAA

A Night for Nippon: Japan Relief Benefit
April 9th, 7pm – 10pm – Floating World Gallery, 1925 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60614
This special event in aid of the Japan Relief will include appetizers and drinks, live music, a silent auction and raffle prizes. Admission includes 2 complimentary drink tickets. Early registration includes a commemorative silicone braclet.
$35 in advance with Paypal
$40 at the door.

To sign up to this event, please visit

Heartland JETAA
Japanese Film Festival at JCCC
March 27th, 11am – 8.00pm – Johnson County Community College, Carlsen Center 211
A film event in aid of the Japanese Relief. Contributions are accepted in lieu of admission. The doors open at 10.30am.
The scedule is:
11:00 a.m. Anime Feature – Chocolate Underground
12:30 p.m. First Intermission and bento lunch
1:30 p.m.  Second Feature – Harimaya Bridge
3:30 p.m.  Second Intermission and bento lunch
4:30 p.m.  Third Feature – Red Beard
with a 20 minute intermission at 6:00

For more information go to or

Portland JETAA
March 26th, 7pm – 11pm – Bush Garden, 900 SW Morrison Street
JETAA Portland is inviting all Japan affiliated groups to attend this event (such as JASO, Oregon Nikkei Legacy center, Portland Sapporo Sister City Association, Consulate General of Japan, etc.) It is a great chance to network with the many organizations dedicated to promoting Japan and Japanese culture in the Portland community. There will be networking and karaoke from 8pm – 11pm. All net proceeds go to the Oregon Japan Relief Fund.
Bush Garden is providing a special happy hour food and drink menu available throughout the evening. All transactions for food and drink are *CASH ONLY*.Feel free to invite friends and family.
Questions? Contact Beth Schnyder
Visit: for more information.

Ottawa JETAA
Hope Benefit
March 27th, 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Governor General Ballroom, Westin Hotel
Tickets are $40 each – please bring cash or cheques to purchase tickets at the door. Tickets may also be purchased online. Proceeds from the event, which includes a silent auction, will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund.
We would like to extend an invitation to you and any of your friends who many be interested in attending the fundraiser. Please RSVP to by March 25, 2011 if you wish to attend. We are also looking for donations for the silent auction – if you have any items to donate, please email the above address.The event will be hosted by Stefan Keyes, CTV Ottawa’s 6PM news reporter, and the Ambassador of Japan is scheduled to speak at the event.

London JETAA and The Japan Society
Japan Underground: Earthquake Appeal
2nd April, 7pm – The Relentless Garage, (N5 1RD)
Our biggest show to date! Live music, comedy and rare item’s from Japan’s biggest stars and entertainment houses up for auction. Every penny from the show will go to the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund Charity ( to help rebuild Japan after the events of 11 March.
In association with:
HMV, MOMA, Manga Entertainment LTD, We Love Anime, Uniqlo, NME, Radio6, It Came From Japan, MCM Expo, Nintendo, Namco Bandai, Terratag, Play for Japan and many more.
More information to follow, please check:



A group of writers in Japan are publishing an ebook to benefit survivors of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku-Kanto earthquake and tsunami.  This project has two goals: to raise money for earthquake victims and to help overseas readers understand more about Japan and the kindness and hospitality of its people.

They have invited all writers and translators to submit short pieces of writing (500-1000 words).  They welcome travel stories, humour pieces, essays, translations from Japanese or other languages, interviews, profiles (of people or places) or other non-fiction work.  Subject matter is up to you; they would like your writing to convey your take on the joys of traveling in Japan or the spirit of cooperation and togetherness demonstrated by residents of Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

All proceeds from the sale of the ebook will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Full info is here:

Volunteer Information for People in Japan

Special thanks to Koko Peters for the Japanese translation.
You can view it below. You may find it useful to print the Japanese version of this document to help explain what you want to do to Japanese teachers and staff.

AJET and Smile Kids Japan, with support from the JetWit JET alumni translators and interpreters group, have compiled a list of prefectural volunteer organisations (PVOs) mobilising volunteer groups to do ground work in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. The list of PVOs can be found below.

The current state of affected areas in the Tohoku region is still being assessed. Until a final assessment has been made, no volunteers will be allowed into those areas. Because PVOs are being formed on a prefectural level, each prefecture is at a different stage in organisation. This list will be updated frequently so please keep checking back here for the latest news about your prefecture.

Although we recommend that JETs in unaffected areas stay safe at home, we know many of you have volunteer experience and want to get involved at ground level. We highly recommend that interested volunteers contact their PVO before contacting any NGOs. PVOs are prepared to work with large numbers of untrained volunteers and know how to create safe, secure ways to volunteer in Tohoku; most NGOs cannot do this as effectively. In addition, by working with your PVO, you will be helping the affected areas rebuild themselves while promoting grassroots internationalization by bonding with your local prefectural volunteers.

We must also remind all JETs that you are under contract. Your role in Japan is first and foremost as an educator or community relations officer. If your contracting organisation or school asks you not to volunteer, you must not go. Also, as a JET you should only be volunteering your time during school holidays.  Keep in mind that relief efforts are going to take many months; even if you cannot get permission to volunteer now there may be other opportunities to volunteer during Golden Week, summer holidays and beyond.


Should you volunteer away from home?

  • You may be able to help more from home:

You can help from your prefecture by making material/monetary donations, doing fundraisers, donating blood or hosting displaced people through CouchSurfing.  Going to the Tohoku region isn’t something to do because you want to be a hero or because of peer pressure, it is a very serious decision.

  • Do not go to Tohoku without support:

Going alone without the support of a recognized PVO/NGO puts you and disaster victims in danger. Especially if you are untrained/unskilled, you can make matters worse. This was a major problem for NGOs in Haiti and we do not want anyone slowing down the emergency response.

  • Tohoku is not yet safe for untrained volunteers:

Not one volunteer organisation is allowing untrained/unskilled volunteers into the disaster zone yet. It is not safe. Organisations will start sending lay volunteers when the region is deemed stable and safe. Be patient. Be safe.

  • Make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared:

AJET and the volunteer organisations ask you to seriously consider your physical and mental health. You will be going into a disaster zone, one that in places may look worse than a typical war zone. There will be things that you may not expect or want to see.  You will be doing heavy, physical labor after a very long journey by bus or car. Are you ready to handle that?

  • Make sure that you can afford to pay your own way:

You will be responsible for your own travel, accommodation, food, water and other basic expenses.

  • Be prepared to stay in very modest accommodation:

It is likely that you will be camping near your work sites but accommodation may vary by location.

  • Be sure that you can can complete all work duties in addition to volunteering:

The volunteer dates may not fit your work schedule, if volunteer opportunities fall outside of spring break/Golden Week, you may not be able to go. Also your contracting organisation may not approve your request to do volunteer work/take nenkyu. If they do not approve, you must not go.

  • Be ready and able to leave on short notice:

PVOs will send notice of the chance to volunteer only very shortly before they actually move out. Will your schedule and contracting organisation allow that?

  • Be aware of the risks:

PVOs will do their best to make the trip safe for everyone. The ones we have contacted so far are providing special volunteer insurance to cover you but please know that if anything happens, it was your decision to be there and you are responsible for your own well-being.  We will organise a contact person in your PVO and in your home prefecture, so that we can remain in touch at all times and quickly address any issues that may arise. However, there will still be some risks to volunteering.


If you are not accepted by your PVO for any reason, AJET and Smile Kids Japan are currently working on a list of NGOs that may later accept groups of foreign volunteers. No matter how you volunteer, it will be essential to register with AJET and keep your B.O.E informed so that we can always account for every JET’s whereabouts and safety.

Please direct any questions to


Find Your Prefectural Volunteer Organizations Here:

AJET SKJ Earthquake Volunteering Info

[This list will be constantly updated -- check back if you can’t find what you’re looking for!]


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AJET とSmile Kids Japanは JetWit JET 同窓会 翻訳者・通訳者グループの協力を得て、地震・津波の被災地でのボランティア活動を取りまとめる県ボランティア組織( PVO)のリストをまとめました。 PVOのリストは下記の通りです。

東北地方における被災地の現状は未だ把握しきれていません。最終判断がされるまでは地域内にはボランティアは受け入れられません。 PVOは県ごとに組織されるため、県によって進み具合は異なります。このリストは頻繁に更新されますので、各県の最新情報を随時ご確認ください。

被災地外のJET青年は安全な地域にとどまることを勧めます。しかし、ボランティア活動の経験があり、現場の活動に参加したい方もいるでしょう。ボランティア活動に参加したい方はNGOに連絡をする前に、まず地元の PVOに問い合わせることを強くお勧めします。PVOは特別な訓練を受けていない多くのボランティアを取りまとめ、東北地域で安全に活動に従事していただく体制ができています。一方、多くの NGO はそれを効果的にすることはできません。更に PVOを通すことにより被災地の復興を支援するとともに、自分の県のボランティアと繋がりを持つことにより草の根の国際化促進にもなります。

JET青年の皆さんは契約の元で働いていることを忘れないで下さい。皆さんの日本での役割は、まず教員であり、地域との交流の職員であります。職場よりボランティア活動をしないよう求められたら、それに従って下さい。また、ボランティア活動は、 JET青年として勤務時間外でしか行えません。救援活動は何ヶ月にも渡るものであり、活動参加が今許されなくても、ゴールデンウィークや夏休み等で機会があるかもしれません。



  • 地元からの方が有益かもしれません:


  • サポート無しでは東北へ行かないように:

公認の PVOやNGOのサポート無しで一人で行くことは、自分や被災者を危険にさらすことになります。特に特別なトレーニングや技術がない場合は、かえって迷惑になります。これはハイチの NGO活動でも大きな問題でした。緊急対策の妨げになってはいけません。

  • 現時点では、東北は特別なトレーニングを受けていないボランティアにはまだ危険:


  • 心身共に耐えられるように:


  • 自分の経費は自分で払えるように:


  • 最小限の宿泊条件を覚悟するように:


  • ボランティア活動以外にも自分の本来の仕事をきちんとこなせるように:


  • 短期間で出発できる準備を:


  • リスクを認識しよう:

PVOは、皆が安全であるよう最善をつくします。これまでに連絡が取れた団体では特別なボランティア用保険を提供していますが、万が一何かがあっても参加は自分で決めたことであって、身の安全の確保は自分の責任であることを覚えておいて下さい。各 PVOと都道府県で窓口になる人を決め、常に連絡を取り何かがあった場合すぐに対応できるようにしますが、ボランティア活動への参加にはリスクが伴います。


何らかの理由で PVOに受け入れられなくても、後日外国人ボランティアを受け入れられる可能性のあるNGOのリストを今 AJETと Smile Kids Japanがまとめています。いかなる形でボランティアしても、JET青年全員の居場所と安全の確認ができるよう AJETに登録し所属の教育委員会に報告してください。



自分の都道府県ボランティア組織( PVO)を検索:

AJET SKJ地震ボランティア活動情報



カウンセリングサービス /

Smile Kids Japan