JET Effect

National AJET is excited to be entering its second year of one of our newest programs “JET Effect”. Every month we will spotlight a JET like you who has gone above and beyond their work duties to contribute something to their community. Being a JET isn’t just a job, it is an experience where we are in a unique position to impact our communities and become ambassadors of grassroots internationalization!

This is the JET Effect.

Once a month, we will choose one JET-organised community involvement project to spotlight on our website and e-bulletin. Each article includes the who, what, when, where and most importantly HOW, as well as what kind of impact it had on the JETs involved and their community. These are all projects that JETs can do. Use them as a springboard for your own ideas!

Last year 10 different JETS were nominated and selected to appear in the JET Effect. These JETS were recognized for a variety of projects including the organization of JET volunteer outreach to local orphanages, Cricket and Sumo sports events that brought the local and JET community together and an all-donated local Art Exhibition that raised funds to better the education of children.

For more information and past JET Effect articles, please follow the JET Effect links on our website You can also contact the project organizers or National AJET at We are always accepting nominations for our JET Effect articles! So please send us an email with the who, what, and when of JET community involvement projects that you know about.

Below you’ll see the archive list of JET Effect posts. You can also view the JET Effect Archives here.