The AJET National Council

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Sandy Cheng

As chief executive officer, the National AJET Chair is the face of AJET and acts as the primary representative voice of AJET to the ministries of Japan, media groups and other organisations. Working with the Executive Officers, the chair sets AJET’s agenda for the year and works with all members of the National Council to help achieve these goals. If you ever have a question, concern, or want to talk about AJET/JET, please contact Sandy here.

Vice Chair
Xan Wetherall

The Vice Chair works together with the Chair and Treasurer to ensure an efficient executive body. Duties include running National Council meetings where the Chair is not present, preparing agendas and organising the minutes for meetings, and managing AJET conferences and orientations. You may contact Xan here.

Aaron Gilling

The National AJET Treasurer works with the Executive Officers to administer and supervise the AJET budget, including all financial transactions. The treasurer also plays a supervisory role in matters pertaining to the function and productivity of the National Council. You may contact Aaron here.

CIR Representative/Project Manager
Rochelle Zheng

The National AJET CIR Representative works to ensure that JET Programme CIRs are effectively represented in AJET and that their voice is heard by CLAIR and the Japanese MInistries that administer the JET Programme. To achieve this, the CIR Representative will liaise with the other National Council members, the CIR Network National Representatives, and AJET block representatives as necessary.

The Project Manager works to ensure that all AJET projects progress smoothly and meet deadlines, by developing project timelines and working with all members of the National Council. In particular, the Project Manager is responsible for coordinating the execution of biannual AJET surveys and reports, from the selection of survey topics to the presentation of the finished reports to CLAIR and the Japanese ministries at opinion exchanges (when applicable). You can contact Rochelle here with any questions or comments.


Director of Corporate Advertising
Derek Gumb

The Director of Corporate Advertising oversees all advertising that AJET does for its corporate sponsors. Working directly with AJET’s media avenues, the Director coordinates discounts, giveaways, and promotions of relevant, high-level products and services to current JETs and JET alumni. If you are interested in advertising with AJET or would like to know more about which advertising packages are ideal for your organisation, please contact Derek here.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Patrick Loyer

The Director of Sales and Marketing is a member of AJET’s corporate team whose goal it is to establish and negotiate relationships with various organizations. He is in constant communication with companies to provide special offers and discounts for present JETs and JET alumni. The Director of Sales and Marketing is also always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities to offer the widest range of offers to our JET community. Please contact Patrick here for any Sales/Marketing related enquiries.

Director of Japanese Sales and Marketing
Matthew Headland

The Director of Japanese Sales and Marketing is a member of AJET’s corporate team whose goal it is to establish and negotiate relationships with various organizations. The Director is specifically responsible for finding and negotiating with Japanese organizations in order to provide special offers and discounts for products or services valuable to current and alumni JETs. The director is always looking for new opportunities for JETs. Please contact Matthew here for any Japanese Sales/Marketing related enquiries.

Director of Public Relations
Kevin Chen

The Director of Public Relations writes and manages public content for AJET, directs all AJET promotional campaigns, and works to ensure that AJET is effectively represented to those we serve. The Director of Public Relations is always seeking to further JETs’ knowledge of AJET and the resources it provides. For inquiries, comments, or contributions concerning AJET’s services, please contact Kevin here.

Director of Social Media
Emily Maitland

The Director of Social Media is responsible for the management of AJET’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel etc. The Director of Social Media works to ensure that JETs are kept up-to-date on JET and AJET activities in their communities and throughout Japan. If you have any questions or comments about AJET’s Social Media networks, contact Emily here.

Director of Community Relations
Taylor Read

The Director of Community Relations is directly involved with community-building projects throughout Japan. Community Relations aims to increase JET and Japanese community members participation in AJET events and activities. If you would like to nominate someone for an award, or are interested in participating in or contributing to our JET community, please contact Taylor here.

Director of Affiliate Relations
Dustin Reimer

The Director of Affiliate Relations manages AJET’s Special Interest Groups and other Affiliated Groups. The Director of Affiliate Relations aims to increase JET participation in AJET by assisting with the maintaining, and forming of new Special Interest Groups and other Affiliates. If you are interested in forming a Special Interest Group, or becoming an Affiliate of AJET, please contact Dustin here.

Director of Resources
Casey McGarraugh

The Director of Resources manages and distributes all of AJET’s digital, video, audio, and printed publications and works on increasing the amount of resources accessible to JET programme participants. We are currently working on renovating our available resources to make your lives and adventures during your time on the programme even easier. If you have any questions about AJET’s current publications, or if you would like to contribute to the new FAQ section being developed for the AJET website, please contact Casey here.

Director of Professional and Education Development
Christopher Low

The Director of Professional and Education Development works to assist JETs in becoming more skilled and accomplished educators and professionals. The Director of Professional and Education Development gathers educational resources and maintains a selection of up-to-date tools for Japanese language study. The Director also provides opportunities to speak at and attend conferences and enroll in teaching courses, in Japan and online. Whether you need help with a particular aspect of teaching, or wish to share something that helps others grow as professionals, contact Chris here.

Director of Volunteering
Tka Tyne

The Director of Volunteering is responsible for organizing and implementing volunteer opportunities for JETs and the Japanese community. The Director of Volunteering reaches out to local and national organizations, non-profits and religious groups to supply individuals with pertinent information about possible volunteering initiatives to get involved in relief efforts throughout Japan and internationally. Our goal is to encourage a passion for community service through facilitating cross-cultural exchange opportunities between JETs and Japanese people. Please contact Tka with any questions or comments regarding volunteer opportunities or charity initiatives here.

Director of Alumni Relations
Ashlie O’Neill

The Director of Alumni Relations is the primary liaison between AJET and Alumni groups and works to help promote relevant alumni activities to the current JET community. The Director of Alumni Relations is in charge of building a resource hub to provide leaving JETs with necessary information for a smooth transition into alumni groups and life after JET. Please contact Ashlie here.

Head of Visual Media
Patrick Finn

The Head of Visual Media ensures that the AJET image is clean and consistent. One goal this year is to present a streamlined, clear, minimal design that showcases the hard work put into every AJET publication. Be sure to check out AJET Connect, AJET’s monthly magazine, which you can subscribe here. Please contact Patrick with any visual media-related enquiries here.

Translation & Interpreting Coordinator
Cassandra Walker

The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator is responsible for making AJET- related materials available in Japanese. The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator is the Japanese voice between AJET and CLAIR, the Japanese ministries, and other AJET-affiliated organisations. The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator coordinates the translation of content for the AJET website and Connect Magazine, as well as the bi-annual Opinion Exchange reports. They also interpret at the Opinion Exchange meetings. The Coordinator works together with a group of volunteer translators, interpreters, and native Japanese speakers. If you have questions about AJET’s bilingual resources, or if you are interested in assisting, you may contact Cassandra here.

Online Publications Editor
Steven Thompson

The Online Publications Editor is in charge of AJET’s community publications, primarily the monthly magazine, AJET Connect. This involves managing magazine content, expanding readership, actively seeking and screening new contributors, and determining AJET’s publication schedule. Connect is constantly on the lookout for new contributors to both engage and represent the diverse English-speaking community in Japan. If you’d like to get involved with AJET Connect, you may contact Steven here.

Website Coordinator
Serena Lai

As one of AJET’s Website Coordinators, Serena is in charge of AJET’s web redesign project. Working in close liason with the Project Manager and other members of the AJET National Council, she oversees the reorganisation and design of website content, ensuring that AJET’s new online presence is modern and user-friendly. She also helps David in providing IT support across all areas. If you have any comments, suggestions for, or enquiries about AJET’s new website, please feel free to contact Serena here.

Website Coordinator
David Berg

As one of AJET’s Website Coordinators, David is in charge of the day-to-day maintenance of the AJET website and providing IT support to the AJET National Council. He also helps with managing e-mails, backing up the database, handling inquiries and feedback from website visitors, and providing support for other AJET-affiliated websites. You may contact David here regarding any of these services or if you experience any problems with the AJET website.

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