The AJET National Council

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Kay Makishi

As chief executive officer, the National AJET Chair is the face of AJET and acts as the primary representative voice of AJET to the ministries of Japan, media groups and other organisations. Working with the Executive Officers, the chair sets AJET’s agenda for the year and works with all members of the National Council to help achieve these goals. If you ever have a question, concern, or want to talk about AJET/JET, please contact Kay here.

Vice Chair
Martin Barry

The Vice Chair works together with the Chair and Treasurer to ensure an efficient executive body. Duties include running National Council meetings where the Chair is not present, preparing agendas and organising the minutes for meetings, and managing AJET conferences and orientations. You may contact Martin here.

Alan Inkster

The National AJET Treasurer works with the Executive Officers to administer and supervise the AJET budget, including all financial transactions. The treasurer also plays a supervisory role in matters pertaining to the function and productivity of the National Council. You may contact Alan here.

CIR Representative/Head of Japanese Sales and Marketing
Phillippa Harvey

The National AJET CIR Representative works to ensure that JET Programme CIRs are effectively represented in AJET and that their voice is heard by CLAIR and the Japanese MInistries that administer the JET Programme. To achieve this, the CIR Representative will liaise with the other National Council members, the CIR Network National Representatives, and AJET block representatives as necessary. You may contact Phillippa here.
The Head of Japanese Sales and Marketing (HJSM) is a member of AJET’s corporate team whose goal it is to establish and negotiate relationships with Japanese organisations and sponsors. The HJSM works to provide special offers and discounts for present JETs and JET alumni and for recruiting organisations for Tokyo Orientation and the After JET Conference.  Please contact Phillippa here for any Japanese Sales/Marketing related enquiries.

Head of Visual Media
Melinda Lange

The Head of Visual Media is responsible for presenting a consistent image of AJET both in printed and digital media. One goal is to keep the clean, current look while adding a warm and inviting feel to AJET publications. Keep an eye out for AJET Connect, AJET’s monthly magazine that you can subscribe to here. Please contact Melinda with any visual media-related enquiries here.

Director of Resources
Yolanda Espiritu

The Director of Resources manages all of AJET’s digital, printed, audio, and visual publications so that JETs have the resources they need both at work and in their daily lives. If you find yourself in need of new materials or simply have a question about the variety of publications that AJET provides, please contact Yolanda here.

Director of Professional and Education Development
Sarah Stout

The Director of Professional and Education Development (DPED) works to assist JETs in becoming more skilled and accomplished educators. The DPED is responsible for providing education resources, including a database of JET-tried and tested lesson plans and materials.  The DPED provides information on professional development conferences and teaching courses available in Japan and online.  In addition, the DPED keeps up-to-date information on Japanese language study resources.  If you need help with tackling a specific teaching point or wish to share something that worked in your classroom, contact Sarah here.

Director of Volunteering
Michelle Castro

The Director of Volunteering advises all connections to community volunteering initiatives on the national level. To encourage grassroots internationalisation opportunities for JETs and the Japanese communities, the director supplies pertinent information on how to get involved in local and national level relief and aid. Please contact Michelle with any questions or comments regarding volunteer opportunities or charity initiatives here.

Director of Corporate Events
Tamara Rytter

The Director of Corporate Events (DCE) oversees the corporate sponsorship program alongside the rest of the corporate team. The DCE manages existing relationships with corporate sponsors, supporters, and non-profit partners and negotiates special discounts and agreements for JETs. The DCE also recruits companies and non-profit organizations of interest to new and returning JETs for the Tokyo Orientation Information Fair as well as the After JET Conference. You may contact Tamara here if you have any questions or if you would like more information on how to partner with AJET to help your organization grow.

Director of Public Relations
Julia Mace

The Director of Public Relations (DPR) manages AJET’s public content, directs all AJET promotional campaigns, and works to ensure that AJET’s image is effectively represented to those we serve.  The DPR is always seeking to further JETs’ knowledge of AJET and the services it provides.  For questions or comments about AJET’s services, please contact Julia here.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Sandy Cheng

The Director of Sales and Marketing (DSM) is a member of AJET’s corporate team whose goal it is to establish and negotiate relationships with various organisations. The DSM is in constant communication with companies to provide special offers and discounts for present JETs and JET alumni. The DSM is also responsible for recruiting organisations for the Tokyo Orientation Information Fair and the After JET Conference. Please contact Sandy here for any Sales/Marketing related enquiries.

Director of Social Media
Jacy Garant

The Director of Social Media (DSM) is responsible for the management of AJET’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, the CLAIR-sponsored JET Forum, etc.  The DSM works to ensure that JETs are kept up-to-date on JET and AJET activities in their communities and throughout Japan.  If you have any questions or comments about AJET’s Social Media networks, contact Jacy here.

Project Manager
Penny Fox

The Project Manager is chiefly involved with the research aspect of AJET. This includes supervising the AJET report teams, setting project timelines, and helping to maintain relations within the National Council and with CLAIR and the Japanese ministries. Additionally, the Project Manager works to support and promote the activities of Block Representatives and Prefectural Liaisons.  For questions or comments, contact Penny here.

Director of Community Relations
Xan Wetherall

The Director of Community Relations (DCR) manages AJET’s Special Interest Groups and relays information pertaining to events throughout Japan.  The DCR aims to increase JET participation in AJET and the participation of Japanese people in AJET activities.  In addition, the DCR is involved with the AJET Awards Programme.  If you are interested in forming a Special Interest Group, in nominating someone you know for an AJET Award or in sharing your event with other JETs, please contact Xan here.

Director of Corporate Advertising
Aaron Gilling

The Director of Corporate Advertising oversees all advertising that AJET does for its corporate sponsors, working directly with AJET’s media avenues to coordinate great opportunities for sponsors to promote their services to current JETs and JET alumni. If you are interested in advertising with AJET or would like to know more about which advertising packages are ideal for your organisation, please contact Aaron here.

Director of Analytics
Thomas Wanebo

The Director of Analytics is responsible for collecting and analyzing data regarding such statistics as event attendance, money raised for charity, and number of community service hours logged.  This information is then used in the AJET’s reports which are presented bi-annually to CLAIR and the Japanese ministries.  The Director of Analytics is also responsible for maintaining the AJET library of past documents.  If you have any questions or comments, you may contact Tom here.
Hal Edmonson

Peer Support Group Coordinator
Hal Edmonson

The AJET Peer Support Group Hotline (PSG) is a listening and referral service which operates on the principles of confidentiality and anonymity. The Peer Support Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, training, and organizing PSG’s many volunteers, as well as liaising to the National Council and acting on behalf of the interests of PSG and its callers. You may contact Hal here.  You may contact the PSG Hotline directly at 050-5534-5566 and via Skype at AJETPSG.

Translation & Interpreting Coordinator
Eriko Stronach

The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator (TIC) is responsible for making AJET- related materials available in Japanese. The TIC is the Japanese voice between AJET and CLAIR, the Japanese ministries, and other AJET-affiliated organisations. The TIC works in translating the bi-annual Opinion Exchange reports, interpreting at the Opinion Exchange meetings, and translating AJET website and Connect Magazine content. The TIC works together with a group of volunteer translators and interpreters as well as native Japanese speakers.  If you have questions about AJET’s bilingual resources or if you are interested in assisting, you may contact Eriko here.

Online Publications Editor
Steven Thompson

The Online Publications Editor (OPE) is in charge of AJET’s community publications, primarily AJET’s monthly magazine, AJET Connect. This involves managing magazine content, actively seeking and screening new contributors, and determining AJET’s publication schedule. Connect is constantly on the lookout for new contributors to both engage and represent the diverse JET community. If you’d like to get involved with the AJET Connect team, you may contact Steven here.

Website Coordinator
Serena Lai

The Website Coordinator designs, manages, and updates the AJET website. Other duties include IT support for the AJET National Council, managing e-mails, backing up the database, and finding web, hardware, and software solutions for AJET. You may contact Serena here regarding any of these services or if you experience any problems with the AJET website.

Website Coordinator
David Berg

The Website Coordinator designs, manages, and updates the AJET website. Other duties include IT support for the AJET National Council, managing e-mails, backing up the database, and finding web, hardware, and software solutions for AJET. You may contact David here regarding any of these services or if you experience any problems with the AJET website.

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