Community Spotlight

Every month in Connect magazine, we feature members of the community who are doing things that are neat and noteworthy. Whether it’s creating something interesting or making a difference in the community, we want to give you a space to say, “Hey, this person is pretty cool.” After all, Connect is your community magazine! If you know someone you’d like to Spotlight in the pages of Connect, get in touch with us here.

Community Spotlight Articles

May 2009: JET Effect Spotlight

Akita’s International Sumo Basho! In Akita, the traditional Sumo pre-bout shiko dance took on a less-traditional groove as JET ALTs and other members of the foreign community took to the . . .

April 2009: JET Effect Spotlight

Linking Kids Across the Globe Through Giving Last Christmas, beloved 5th-year Kumamoto JET, Azwinndini Ratshionya, went home to South Africa for a visit. During his stay, he visited South Africa’s . . .

October 2008: JET Effect Spotlight

With one of the highest concentrations of JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) participants in Hokkaido, the Iwamizawa JETs, along with their families and friends, organised the Iwamizawa International Mini-Festival. This . . .