Spotlight: Kayla Potter, Kochi

Kayla Potter

Meet Kayla Potter, Block 8’s favorite American taishogoto player! Originally from Ohio, and now a third-year ALT teaching in Aki city, Kochi, Kayla has been playing the taishogoto for two years. When she first arrived, Kayla expressed interest in immersing herself in the local community’s culture and trying something new. Her Japanese teacher introduced her to a taishogoto instructor and Kayla’s been playing in concerts across the prefecture ever since. Although her team members out-age her by an average of fifty years, the love of the beautiful, delicate instrument brings them together. It’s amazing what a little music can do!

Just what is the taishogoto? Also called the Nagoya harp, the taishogoto is a stringed instrument similar to the koto, but featuring typewriter-like keys to change pitch. You can read more about it here, or ask around your schools to see if there’s any lessons going on near you!