Spotlight: Lauren Jeffers, Kyoto


Lauren Jeffers is a third year teacher from northern Kyoto with a passion for surreal self-portraiture. Coupled with an interest in costuming and creative make-up, and armed with her trusty Nikon Coolpix P510, she sets out to express herself through her photography. Her inspiration generally comes from strong emotions sparked from songs, movies, quotes and experiences, which she then seeks to recreate in her work. Working in self-portraiture comes with its own set of challenges in that she is required to work both sides of the camera simultaneously. She jokes that she has now become very good at using the timer on her camera to get the shots just right. She really enjoys the whole process from make-up and costume, to the post-production editing, and loves experimenting with new ways to share her thoughts with others. For anyone looking to get started in creative photography she encourages that they should not feel limited by a lack of experience or equipment. There are a lot of good sources out there, from blogs and articles to online tutorials and other artists’ work. So, find a style that suits you and get snapping! Her work can be found on her Facebook page.