Spotlight: Tim Nguyen, Hyogo

Tim Nguyen

Tim Nguyen, a 2nd-year Kobe ALT, is a visual artist who joined JET with an interest in eventually pursuing a creative career in gaming and animation in Japan. Besides spending much of his free time painting and creating digital art, he has incorporated his skills into the classroom by making visually appealing worksheets and lessons for his students. He has also found ways to use his hobby to benefit fellow ALTs, creating logos and posters for JET events, as well as giving seminars at Kobe JET conferences on using digital programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Tim has also used his art to engage with the wider community by participating in the annual Kobe art show. The show, run by JETs but open to the public, allows JETs to show off their artistic talents in a public gallery as well as to network and express themselves to a greater audience. Tim hopes to continue to hone his craft during JET while building a network that will enable him to reach his dream of working in the digital entertainment industry in Japan. His artistic endeavors provide a good example for JETs desiring to pursue a unique passion in their work and community in Japan. You can view some of Tim’s work here.