Letter from the Homepage Editors

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Starting this October, the homepage editors will be working with the Connect magazine editors and the JET Community to produce great content throughout the month. This is going to be something new for Connect, and we are always open to new ideas. Tentatively, we have a few Spotlights and Corners planned for the upcoming year.

Alumni Spotlight: The Connect team will be reaching out to JET Alumni to see what life after JET is like. We also hope this will help current JETs build, dare we say, connections with the alumni community.

Community Spotlight: Much like the Community Spotlights in the past, the homepage will continue to highlight the hard work of current JETs.

Pop Culture Corner: These articles will focus on what is going on in the pop culture scene in Japan now. From anime to the self-publishing industry, we hope this corner can educate and entertain.

…And many more sections in the future!

If you want to become a writer or have an idea for us, never be afraid to email! We can be contacted at

-Homepage Editors