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May 2021 Issue | Download this issue (50.8 MB)

The latest issue of CONNECT is out now! This month you can read up on some advice for getting into the home podcasting profession, learn tips and tricks about the struggles (and positives too!) of shopping for bras as a foreigner living in Japan, read about what it's like being an Olympic ambassador, discover reasons to explore rural Japan, and much more! Sadly, May will be CONNECT's last normal issue of the year, as we prepare for a staff shift. But don't go too far! Next month come back to make sure to enjoy our 2021 Art Issue and then join us for a yearly recap and see what were all of our favorite articles of the year. As always, thanks for reading!
April 2021 Issue | Download this issue (23.1 MB)

Spring is in full swing, and sakura season has begun! The trees are all turning lovely shades of pink and white, and the weather is the perfect temperature to go out and enjoy a nice picnic meal under the falling petals. While you're enjoying the flowers and food, why don't you also enjoy the latest issue of CONNECT? This month read about the various cultural responses to the 3.11 disaster, revisit the amazing costume designs of Ishioka Eiko, learn about the struggles of homelessness in Tokyo, and much more! And don't forget... CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Do you like to paint, draw, write, take photos, or do any other form of art out there? The AJET CONNECT art issue is on its way and is looking for submissions! For more information about submission requirements and how to submit, please check out our tumblr at
March 2021 Issue | Download this issue (12.6 MB)

The winter months are finally starting to give way to warmer weather and I think it's safe to say we are all ready for the new season. And with a new season comes a new issue of AJET CONNECT! Start off your spring by checking out the latest issue, full of stories about COVID's effects on travel and the Olympics, teaching strategies and tips, ways to reconnect with the land through food, and so much more. CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Do you like to paint, draw, write, take photos, or do any other form of art out there? The AJET CONNECT art issue is on its way and will soon be looking for submissions, so please keep an eye out on our website and Instagram pages for announcements of submissions!
February 2021 Issue | Download this issue (17.8 MB)

The February issue is here! Grab your box of chocolates and this month's issue and enjoy some sweets while you read all about Valentine's day chocolate traditions in Japan. After you've sated your sweet tooth, relax with some (metaphorical) tea about how men and women are defying beauty standards in society and in sports. Want more? You can appreciate some art from the Kadokawa Culture Museum, check out our newest podcast and music recommendations, learn all about the PlayStation 5, and more!
January 2021 Issue | Download this issue (8 MB)

The end of December also means the end of 2020. It's been one heck of a year that no one could have predicted. But hey, you know what they say about hindsight! Ready to leave 2020 and bad puns behind? Why not pick up our newest issue and celebrate the new year and the release of our 100th issue with us! This month's issue is full of recipes to warm you, reviews to give you ideas on your next book to read or show to watch, and recreational activities to do during the winter months. Happy reading and Happy New Year everyone!
December 2020 Issue | Download this issue (24.4 MB)

Need something to do while you keep nice and toasty indoors, avoiding the colder winter weather? Why not brew up a cup of hot cocoa and check out the newest issue of CONNECT! In this Issue, we offer packing advice to the newest batch of incoming ALT's, contemplate the immense popularity and success of everyone's favorite demon-slaying anime siblings, share adventures of mountain hiking in traditional straw sandals, and so much more! Next month CONNECT will be celebrating the new year with its 100th Issue special written exclusively by yours truly (aka the CONNECT team) full of recipes, recreations, reviews, and other fun things to look forward to!
November 2020 Issue | Download this issue (23.8 MB)

It's time to break out the kotatsu tables as the air grows colder and the night arrives earlier. What better way to spend the evening than heating up under your newly set up kotatsu while you read the newest issue of CONNECT? In this issue, you can read all about the Tokyo gamer convention in Gamers Convene Online for the 2020 Tokyo Game Show, learn all about how football fans are getting their sports fix in Tokyo Game Show Masks & Empty Seats: Watching Football In the Age of COVID, discover new ways how to make creative English boards in Boring to Brilliant: Five Tips to Take Your English Board to the Next Level, and much more!
October 2020 Issue | Download this issue (14.18 MB)

The humid, sticky summer, is finally coming to an end, and with the changing of the season comes beautiful fall colors, nice weather, and a brand new issue of AJET CONNECT! This month we share ghost stories and hauntingly fun art challenges in honor of the spooky season, talk about teaching in times of COVID, ambitious biking adventures, and more.
September 2020 Issue | Download this issue (6.37 MB)

New year, new team, new style! AJET Connect is happy to present the September issue full of fresh faces and new stories! Some highlights of this issue include “hot” tips on how to dress to beat the summer heat, reminiscing and remember the life of fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, an interview with Tokyo artist Erica Ward, commentary on COVID, and much more!
C- The Art Issue 2020 #94 | Download this issue (109.5 MB)

We have had the honor of showcasing some amazing articles this 2019-2020 term, and now we are excited to show off even more work of the various talented and creative individuals that live in Japan! All of the artists currently live and work in Japan and come from various backgrounds. This year we're featuring art in various different mediums. Painting, Poems, Photography, oh my! Please enjoy our 5th installment of C and Connect will soon be back for the 2020-2021 term with fresh faces and new stories!
May 2020 Issue | Download this issue (54.58 MB)

May is already here, can you believe it? Congratulations if you know what day it is too! Our team has made another fabulous issue of CONNECT for our readers to take a break from animal crossing or however you’ve been spending your self isolation time. This month features a handy article about how to meet up without meeting up (spoiler it’s the internet), an Tokyoite reflects on fond memories of partaking in the colourful Ohara festival, another Tokyoite talks about finding connection with skateboarding in the gigantic metropolis, a local resident writes about the small town of Kamikatsu and their efforts towards zero waste and beyond, and an Irishman unexpectedly finds the northernmost Irish Pub in Hokkaido. Our submissions for the art issue has been extended until the 14th of May! We are accepting creative writing, photography and visual art. Find more information on the website:
April 2020 Issue | Download this issue (10.96 MB)

The weather is warmer but our desks are even warmer! This month's issue of CONNECT is guaranteed to burn some deskwarming time during COVID-19. Some highlights of the issue are dependents of Japan sharing their stories, an insight into the drag world of Tokyo, an ex-ALTS experience of becoming an illustrator, a look at everyday disability life and rights, and an article which will make you appreciate the jingles played before the train departs. Submissions are still open for the June art issue. We are accepting creative writing, photography and visual art. If you are a keen artist the deadline for submissions is April 30th. You can submit your works here ( We’d love to exhibit the talents of the international residents here in Japan.
March 2020 Issue | Download this issue (26.92 MB)

CONNECT presents a brand new issue for you to feast your eyes on! If you are a flower lover check out the flowers galore in travel this month! If flowers don’t tickle your fancy, the rest of the issue is bound to catch your eye. This month our featured articles feature tips on staying politically engaged abroad, a cultural critique on Terrace House, an artist uses dust to share awareness about air pollution, an in-depth interview with a Kabuki actor, and a look into Christianity in Japan. Lastly a mini promo about our upcoming June art issue! If you are a keen artist the deadline for submissions is April 30th. You can submit your works here ( We’d love to exhibit the talents of the international residents here in Japan.
January 2020 Issue | Download this issue (9.64 MB)

Happy New Year, dear readers! This month, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with our editors’ hot takes on 2019—the good, the bad, and the sugoi. Our staff’s holiday adventures span as far as the Philippines, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Vietnam, and as close as our own kotatsu. Arts Editor Valerie and Fashion and Beauty Editor Devoni meditate on the year month by month, while Travel Editor Shao Ting walks us through her stunning autumn excursions. A hearty ganbatte to all our CONNECT readers starting the decade in Japan!
December 2019 Issue | Download this issue (29.7 MB)

Yearly PSA to not fall asleep under your kotatsu, you’ll always end up regretting it! This December’s issue was created, as always, with love from our volunteer staff and writers. Virtual high fives all round! Inside we celebrate the fantastic Yuru-chara competition, a seamstress who still creates even in her tiny Tokyo residence, learn about the famous art islands of the Setouchi Triennale 2019, hear about the Kansai Rainbow Festa and about a JET alumnis story of creating her own small business. And that’s only a small taste of this fabulous issue. Enjoy!
November 2019 Issue | Download this issue (17.61 MB)

“Samui des ne!” season has begun with the arrival of November. For November’s issue our team has sourced some incredible pieces for you to indulge yourself with! We get hyped for Onsen season, learn about the mental health benefits of kendo, a gamers account of what went down at Tokyo game show 2019, an ambitious Gunma JETs journey of traveling tohoku for 6 different summer festivals in 6 days and learn more about Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and much more! This month we also welcome three new team members: Eli Ferster (General Section Editor), Clare Braganza (Community Section Editor and Rebecca Ruth (Brand new role of Language Section Editor.) Jump right in!
October 2019 Issue | Download this issue (22.6 MB)

October is here! Autumn is peering around the corner and with that, some cooler weather. This month’s October issue covers some important seasonal changes and exciting anecdotes. We take a look at a fire and snake festival gone awry; a Halloween geek’s dream town, perspectives on cosplay across Japan, tips and tricks to get your autumn photography looking just right, and a local sports tournament shaped by memes. Check out what our team has created this month! Lastly, keep an eye out for November's issue—we are pumped for the launch of our new Language Section!
September 2019 Issue | Download this issue (10.4 MB)

September has finally come around which means the end of the Summer vacation, And dreaded desk warming season has also come to an end! Celebration! Connect is proud to bring you the second edition for the year and the very first edition as the new Connect team for 2019 and 2020! We hope you enjoy the teams work over the next year. September is an edition for new beginnings and new energy for Connect! This month's edition includes an in depth interview with three people about being vegan in Japan, a festival goers account on Fuji Rock 2019, a keen rugby fan talks about the upcoming Rugby World Cup and the travel section gets us hyped for the years worth of travel that is possible! These are just a few of the articles that are included in September's issue. We hope you enjoy another issue of Connect.
Tokyo Orientation 2019 Issue

Good news everyone, the wait is over, Connect is back for another year of stories, advice, recipes, art and much more! We are starting this year with a special Tokyo Orientation issue full of top five lists, tips, advice and observations from experienced expats in Japan. Hopefully some of our articles will speak to you and help you settle into your new life in Japan! Welcome and stay tuned!
C - The Art Issue 2019

As the 2018-2019 term wraps up, we are excited to showcase the various talented and creative individuals that live in Japan! All of the artists currently live and work in Japan and come from various backgrounds. This year we're featuring art in various different mediums including animation (links provided), paintings, photography and poetry. Please enjoy our 4th installment of C and Connect will soon be back for the 2019-2020 term with the Tokyo Orientation issue, a new staff and new stories!
May 2019 Issue | Download this issue (13.2 MB)

As May dawns, we’re now well into springtime in Japan. The cherry blossoms might be fading, but you can relive those petal-filled moments by reading the stories of ALTs experiencing their first hanami across the country, or attending unique festivals ranging from big and famous to small and local. Another article reminds us that sakura aren’t the only beautiful seasonal flowers worth checking out. Apart from the beautiful nature of the season, spring is the perfect time to reinvigorate your hobbies. We also have articles on moviegoing, street fashion, and cooking, as well as writeups on returning to old JET placements and some insights into the LGBTQ experience in Japan. There’s all this and more in the newest issue of Connect. Enjoy!
April 2019 Issue | Download this issue (13.4 MB)

The sakura are blooming, school is starting up again, and the newest issue of Connect Magazine is here! In our April issue, two Street Fighter fans share their experiences at EVO Japan 2019, while other ALTs share tips, tricks, and personal anecdotes about running marathons, doing mixed martial arts, and hiking in Japan. Fitting the spring theme of new beginnings, one ALT reflects back on the transformative nature of the JET Programme, both for themselves and ALTs as a whole. We also have two great write-ups on folk music and the Japanese EDM scene, though if you’re wanting something more traditional, there’s also a breakdown of Japan’s doll festival and a closer look at the unique nature of Okinawan culture. Make sure not to miss out on the first spring Connect issue of 2019!
March 2019 Issue | Download this issue (11.2 MB)

March is here, which means spring is right around the corner! While you defrost from the winter and prepare for the impending cherry blossoms, take a look at our newest issue. Catch up on the latest news headlines, including Kura Sushi’s recent employee snafu and the latest on LGBTQ+ common-law marriages in Chiba. Read one woman’s perspective as a foreigner taking part in the national Coming of Age ceremony and struggling to find that perfect kimono. Or if you’re looking for unique ways to get out and get active in your local Japanese community, we’ve got plenty of stories from people who have done it their own way, from taking on weightlifting competitions to learning printmaking techniques. This issue also includes an interview with the author of Double! Not Half, a children’s book about what it means to be half-Japanese and what we can all learn from a more multicultural world. All this and more waits in this newest issue of Connect. Happy reading!
February 2019 Issue | Download this issue (8.3 MB)

Need something to read while you dig into all that Valentine’s Day candy? We got you. Walk in one ALT’s shoes as they brave Japan’s “hell valley” in search of the onsen-loving monkeys there. Read one self-proclaimed “cat-lady’s” earnest advice for taking care of yourself and your mental health in Japan. Also included in this issue is an overview of otome games, a comprehensive list of what to eat on your next Taiwan trip, an update on a longstanding legal battle between the Japanese government and a determined tattoo artist, and an ALT’s story of changing perspectives in their inaka town through boxing. This issue has as many different things to choose from as a fancy box of chocolates, so dig in and enjoy!
January 2019 Issue | Download this issue (6.7 MB)

Happy new year everyone! For CONNECT’s first issue of 2019, our staff have written up articles detailing their winter vacation travel plans, techniques for staying sane during the winter, and various introspections about the end of the year. You might find a relatable story inside, or some inspiration for your next vacation. Either way, enjoy!
December 2018 Issue | Download this issue (20.1 MB)

December is holiday season for many expats across Japan. For others, it’s simply a time for being with friends and family, staving off the cold with each other’s company. For others still, it’s a great time to binge on delicious snacks and hobbies that won’t have you freezing outside. Here at Connect, we say: why not all of the above? There’s plenty to see in our December issue. One ALT shares his experiences starting a band in Japan, while another set of articles delves into scavenger hunts set up for local ALT communities. If you’ve ever enjoyed (or wanted to try out) a game of Dungeons and Dragons, we have you covered with two different ALT perspectives. Also included is a look at Tokyo Fashion Week, a seasonal fruit and vegetable guide, and plenty more. We hope you enjoy this issue of Connect, and happy holidays!

November 2018 Issue | Download this issue (7.7 MB)

Whether the impending chill is making you want to curl up at home with a book or video game, or whether it’s making you want to go out into nature and seize the day before winter comes: our newest issue has something to catch your eye! If you’re looking to nail that perfect fall/winter fashion style or brush up on your cooking skills with some helpful apps, we have some guides for you. Active and outdoorsy types can choose from several different stories this month, ranging from one woman’s experience breaking boards barehanded to overcoming fears on top of waterfalls. Learn about the TELL Tokyo Tower climb and one ALT’s unforgettable experience volunteering at a summer camp if you’re looking to be inspired to give back to your community. And that’s just the start! Look inside our November issue for more.
October 2018 Issue | Download this issue (6.2 MB)

Fall has finally arrived in Japan, bringing with it a chill in the air as well as the October issue of Connect! Want to enjoy all the autumn cuisine without breaking the bank? We have one author’s guide to grocery shopping on a budget. More intrepid foodies might enjoy our insider’s look at a new restaurant bus service. Or are you one of those people who live for Halloween? This issue features some artwork inspired by Japanese urban legends that are sure to send a chill down your spine. There’s also plenty of local pride in this issue, with several contributors detailing unique local festivals, firsthand looks at local events, and ways they’ve given back to local communities- or even created their own. As always, Connect has a little bit of everything for every reader, so crack open this issue for the latest on news, local events, entertainment releases, and more.
September 2018 Issue | Download this issue (8.8 MB)

Are you a brand-new ALT looking for some advice for your time in Japan, or are you a seasoned JET veteran looking for something new to catch your eye? Whichever category you fall into, you can beat the lingering summer heat by curling up in the shade with our September 2018 issue! We’re introducing a new Arts section and a revamped Style section, which gives even long-time readers something new to check out. Also included in this issue is a breakdown of helpful travel apps for new and experienced travelers alike, a look at how ALTs have made their Japanese apartments their own, a travel diary exploring the untouched beauty of Shiraishi-jima, a video game review highlighting VR technology, and much more.
AJET CONNECT: The 2018 Tokyo Orientation Issue! | Download this issue (3.0 MB)

And we’re back! Armed with articles from your senpais in Japan, Connect is here to help you start off in Japan with all the knowledge that we’ve gained to make it easier as you adjust to your new life. Or help you find out new things if you’re already in Japan! We’ve got it all: food, shopping, culture shock, phone contracts, getting to know your area, travelling in and around Japan, the wonderful festivals, how to Japanese, what to do in Shinjuku during those precious hours after your workshops, and (most importantly in my opinion) how to deal with THE HEAT. You might find it humorous or weird that I’ve highlighted that, but humidity is no joke if you’ve never experienced it before… So stay informed everyone and welcome to Japan!
AJET CONNECT: The Art Issue 2018 | Download this issue (4.9 MB)

Thank you so much for all your support this past year! As the 2017-2018 term comes to a close, we would like to give a special showcase to all of the wonderful and creative minds that live in Japan. All the works featured are from expats currently calling Japan their home, and we would like to give them an opportunity to display their works. Enjoy our 3rd installment of C, and look forward to August when we release another Tokyo Orientation with a brand new staff! Enjoy your summer!
May 2018 Issue | Download this issue (3.1 MB)

As this year winds down, we asked the CONNECT team to describe their favorite articles that were featured! Check it out!
April 2018 Issue | Download this issue (7.1 MB)

April’s here; all change! This is a hectic month for lots of us, with new classes and colleagues to get to grips with. One thing you can bank on? Connect! We have a really great issue this month, full of all the latest news, events and entertainment releases. Flick through for our top allergy-busting tips, an exploration of the Iya Valley, and a personal look at fashion and identity in Japan. Want to get out now the sun’s here? Check out our health and travel sections - this month we hear about a spur of the moment trip to Hida and a volcanic daikon experience in Kagoshima. Enjoy!
March 2018 Issue | Download this issue (6.3 MB)

Time to crawl out of your kotatsu - though maybe not quiiite time to pack it away - because Spring has sprung! This month’s issue of Connect has all the features you know and love - the latest news, a jam-packed events calendar and our pick of March’s most anticipated releases (and the platforms to stream them on)! It’s the perfect time of year to take up something new, and if you’re looking for inspiration you won’t want to miss this month’s look at veganism in Japan (plus vegan peanut butter brownies!), a West Tokyo blood donation collective, and our guide to Japanese thrift stores. Need a dose of culture? Get stuck into the myths of Miyazaki, and top it off with one JET’s unforgettable experience of volunteering at a Thai orphanage.
February 2018 Issue | Download this issue (5.5 MB)

It’s unreasonably cold outside, so why not stay put under your kotatsu and get stuck into this month’s issue? As ever, you’ll find our events calendar, monthly releases and news to keep you right in the know. But wait - there’s more! Flu season’s upon us, so we’re bringing you our best tips for prevention and treatment, not to mention an awesome curry recipe to warm up those chilly evenings. While you tuck in, flip through the Culture section for our interview with one of Japan’s last remaining traditional indigo dyers, and Community to read all about one contributor’s perspective on navigating Japan with minimal Japanese. From all of us at Connect, we hope your 2018 is getting off to a fantastic start! And hey, if you’re counting down the days till summer? USJ have you covered for the lull with Cool Japan Wonderland 2018!
January 2018 Issue | Download this issue (3.2 MB)

Welcome to another year with CONNECT! This month, the staff here at CONNECT is bringing you our favorite vacation spots and our plans for the winter holidays. Read on to see what we're up to and hopefully plan a future trip!

Have a safe holiday everyone!
December 2017 Issue | Download this issue (4.7 MB)

Happy Holidays! Whatever you’re celebrating, here’s our gift to you - the December issue! Inside this month you’ll find all the latest on news, local events and entertainment releases. We’re keeping it festive this winter with a glance into New Year Osechi cuisine. Feeling like all you wanna do is be a blanket caterpillar? Try our 5 minute ceviche recipe! Stomach satisfaction guaranteed, and no need to worry about post-conbini guilt! Last minute planning a winter adventure? This month our travel section zooms in on the highlights of rural Takayama, and features a hand-picked itinerary for fans of haiku poet Basho. Keeping it close to home doesn’t have to make for a quiet vacation, though - flick through our sports section to discover how one JET found community and cardio through Taiko drumming, and turn to the community pages for a new perspective - this month: one JET battles her BOE for childcare leave. Stay warm, stay in the know, and have a wonderful end to 2017!
November 2017 Issue | Download this issue (6.2 MB)

It’s that time again - spook season’s been and gone, Bonfire Night’s right around the corner, and we’re bringing you the November issue of Connect! This month’s all about looking after yourself, something that’s twice as important when you’re this far from home. We’ve got tips for at-home yoga practice, soothing recipes for those chilly nights, and tons of inspiration for a good dose of self care. Itching to get out of the apartment? Check out our events calendar and November releases to stay right up to date with everything going on! Now’s also a great time to take up a new hobby, whether it’s one that gets you moving in challenging ways (see our features on Salsa dance meetups and an international surfing championship), rocking out to the sounds of the Tokyo Garage scene, or finding a style that’s really you.
October 2017 Issue | Download this issue (7.7 MB)

October’s finally here; the air’s cooler, oden has returned to konbini everywhere (hooray!), and we’ve a new issue of Connect for you to get your teeth into! Got little ones at home? Our Family Spotlight series continues with a look into children’s dietary difficulties. Impress colleagues with your political knowledge; our news section asks what will become of Japan’s monarchy as the Heisei era draws to a close. Plenty of downtime? Our events calendar and October release schedule promise to keep boredom at bay! Want more? Discover Osaka’s top five tourist hotspots, the original hometown of phenomenal rice paddy art, fan-organised doujinshi fairs, and more! Read our personal recounts of the Somin Sai festival, a picturesque bike ride through Yabakei Gorge, and join us for a day of Shower Climbing (shampoo not a must!) Last but not least, make sure to do it all whilst stuffing your face full of our tasty onigirazu recipes, and reading up on the latest in genderless fashion - happy autumn!
September 2017 Issue | Download this issue (6.2 MB)

Got a case of the end-of-summer blues? We feel you. Soothe that September sadness with a flick through our shiny new issue! Though many take trips abroad in the summer, Autumn’s a great time to reconnect to your community; this month, we zoom in on Iwami Kagura, traditional performances native to Shimane. Wanna polish your staffroom small talk? Our news section explores the internet conspiracy that is Akie Abe’s refusal to speak English with Donald "Did you notice that baby was crying through half of the speech and I didn’t get angry?" Trump. If you’re planning your next trip already, our guide to Japan’s top musical experiences could be just the thing. Last but not least, read about one JET’s daring fundraiser for suicide prevention, and get inspired to give back in ways you never thought possible.
Tokyo Orientation 2017 Issue | Download this issue (8.3 MB)

We’re very excited to bring you another issue of Connect! This month, we’ve put together some articles written by our very own editors, a lot of whom are incoming JETs! For this issue, it’s all about Tokyo Orientation and what to look forward to living in Japan. Welcome back to another term on JET; I can’t wait to bring you new stories, memories, and experiences every month. Enjoy your time in Japan, and let us help you make it happen!
The Art Issue 2017 (June) | Download this issue (2.6 MB)

C - The Art Issue was conceptualized as a means to display the varied talents of expats living in Japan. They come from many different creative backgrounds and develop many others still while in Japan. Enjoy their work, and check out each contributor’s links for more!
May 2017 Issue | Download this issue (7.1 MB)

Spring. After months of cold up throughout most of Japan, the pink sight of the cherry blossoms welcomes a new season of warmth and adventure. What better way to welcome the warmer weather than with the May issue of Connect? We've got articles galore of new Fashion, Running, Travel guide for your Golden Week, and the latest Releases in Entertainment. But with summer comes the Farewell of Sweet Potatoes and Snow, so read on for our tribute to them. Note: reading our fresh content with a side of murasaki imo ice cream is the best way to enjoy your day.
April 2017 Issue | Download this issue (5.7 MB)

Spring is finally in the air! The beauty of the sakura blossoms remind Japanese people of new beginnings and to start fresh, why not join on in? Connect’s bringing fresh new content for you this month on tips how to be healthy, active, and engaged! From Taiko Drumming to Salsa Dancing, we’ve got you covered for working up a sweat. News has got you covered with how to establish Professional Networks and updates on the current News and Japanese Economy while Fashion brings you back to the 20th Century Fashion style and Beauty Tips for your daily life. Maybe you’re into immersing into the Japanese culture through Baseball or interested in the Yamagoya Mountain Huts? Find out how life is like for Mixed Asians and other interesting articles this month!
March 2017 Issue | Download this issue (7.8 MB)

Dust off those lingering powders of snow and welcome March with our latest issue! Social Media or latest events In the News got you in a roller coaster of emotions? We’ve got some tips to help you with that, and easy Rice Cooker Recipes to keep it low-key for those days when you want to watch one of our Movie Recommendations and Releases or Switch on your favorite gaming console. Feeling adventurous? The Snow Festivals may be over (we’ve got the Photos cause it did happen), but we’ve got exciting articles covering Sumo (did anybody get the Oosaka tickets?!?), Bellydancing (straight from our News editor herself!), and Rugby (see you in 2019, Sunwolves). Make sure your allergies are kept at bay with our Health Spotlight and cozy Wear while you check off events through our Event Calendar.
February 2017 Issue | Download this issue (4.4MB)

Welcome back from New Year and winter vacation everyone, we hope everyone had wonderful holidays!! It's February and that means it's the season of love....and snow. CONNECT is ready and rearing to get you started in this new year with stories and advice about love in all of it's forms. Or if you're not into that we also have advice on beating the winter blues, reviews of winter food and descriptions and stories about huge and exciting events coming up! You don't want to miss this!
January 2017 Issue | Download this issue (13MB)

You are cordially invited to this, the 2016 Year-in-Review issue of AJET CONNECT Magazine! The entire CONNECT team recalls their favorite articles this year and reveals their resolutions for 2017. Look back with us and revisit old favorites or discover pieces you missed the first time around, and give a big hand to the 2016-2017 AJET CONNECT team! See you next year for our February 2017 issue!
December 2016 Issue | Download this issue (50MB)

‘Tis the season to be a JET, fa la la la la, la la la la. Happy holidays and cheers to to everyone from around the world! 2016 is coming to a close, and CONNECT is here to help you through the chilly month and into the new year. Plans for travel? Hermit-life under the kotatsu? Winter blues? Not to worry, because our December issue is here to meet your needs. We’ve got recommendations for anime, movies, and video games for those days when you just don’t want to trudge through a wall of snow, and a whole Calendar full of events for those days that you do. Remember to take good care of yourself in the winter! Yoga and meditation helps both the body and mind, or light jogging in the snow to catch your next train to warm your body. Stay sane this month with our tips this holiday season. “But what about after December?” you say? Fashion for the new year, new destinations, and… possibly more snow.
November 2016 Issue | Download this issue (54MB)

It’s another issue coming your way! Hope you all had a spooky fabulous Halloween, and are getting ready for the cold season; kotatsus out, and cool weather coming in. This month, we’ve got the Tokyo Game Show coverage, backpacking for the wanderlust souls, a special coverage on PTSD and volunteering at animal shelters, and Utada Hikaru’s comeback! Climb on through with our feature on both mountain hiking and rock climbing for those adventurous thrill-seekers, or for those that just don’t want Halloween to end, curl up in the dark with some of our scary stories, submitted by readers like you!
October 2016 Issue | Download this issue (35MB)

​​Some of us have been in Japan for only two months. For others, it’s another beautiful October settling in: the Changing of the Leaves is on its way, an extra layer is being thrown on before rushing out the door, and the beauty of Japan is ceaseless. With the cooler weather creeping in, you might find yourself wanting to curl up on the weekends reading a new book or watching your next anime binge. Well, we’ve got you covered! Find out what’s in store for you in October through our next publication of Connect; monthly Japanese releases, super fall foods, how to acclimate to a new country and your newfound travel bug, and the celebration of both Japanese historic and modern pop culture.
September 2016 Issue | Download this issue (48MB)

Now that we’re getting into the full swing of the new JET year, the beginning of the second semester, and finding the balance between work and play, Connect’s got a new issue aimed at helping you get caught up with what’s been happening during the summer break until now and helping you to look forward to your future plans! Find out how to be the best PokéMon trainer with the most fashionable threads (umm, being the very best can be time-consuming, right, Ash?); small talk about the future Japan Olympics 2020 with your co-workers as you while away at your desk; easy, no-excuse-to-your-concerned-mother, recipes to make; and magical memories from both newcomers and returners made at a treasured Japanese cultural event, Japanese matsuri.
Tokyo Orientation (July-August) 2016 Issue | Download this issue (22MB)

Coming to a new country makes you both kinds of anxious; the uneasiness and the excitement are both so enticing in a different country, you can’t wait to explore it all. Whether you are an incoming or current JET, our Tokyo Orientation issue has articles to help you dive into the culture, food, and new locations you’ll experience while also making the most of your time and advice on how to make everyday life in Japan easier. We’re tech savvy, fashion forward, health-conscious, and got your back to keep you afloat in Japan with our latest publication.
The Art Issue 2016 (June) | Download this issue (52MB)

C - The Art Issue was conceptualized as a means to display the varied talents of expats living in Japan. They come from many different creative backgrounds and develop many others still while in Japan. Enjoy their work, and check out each contributor’s links for more.
May 2016 Issue | Download this issue (59.4MB)

In this last issue of the season, AJET Connect is bringing you powerful articles you don't want to miss. Learn about the ongoing oppression affecting the native Ainu in Hokkaido; and the peril facing the beloved tradition of sumo wrestling in the modern world. Anime fans will also want to see our write-up of upcoming promising properties, as well as an inside-look at the industry with a music performer. As always, we've also got more delicious recipes than you can shake a spoon at to make your summer picnics grand! They are served with a heaping side of tips to make the most out of your adventures in Asia.
April 2016 Issue | Download this issue (47.7MB)

Spring has sprung and we have a load of great features to help you in the wonderful hanami Season! This month we have a range of content covering K-pop, ridiculously lovely recipes, the ever wonderful events calendar, and so much more. As usual, our regular awesomeness is thrown in, with a dash of love, a pinch of Japan, and a sprinkling of improved weather! Enjoy!
March 2016 Issue | Download this issue (25.7MB)

A sakura by any other name... would still signal spring in Japan! The changing season brings us out of our warm homes and face-to-face with new fashions and music trends, like the enchanting Visual Kei style described in this March issue of Connect. Or should we say, "mask-to-mask"? Inside we explore Japan's sometimes perplexing love of face-wear. Whether you think they're handy or silly, knowing more about them can help you navigate the social waters in and beyond JET (something we give you even more advice about in this issue). At least we can all agree to take our masks off to eat the delicious recipes from Connect! A new season is a perfect time to start cooking in earnest. Or at least time to start looking for yummy food at festivals, like the Hina Matsuri or an oyster festival we've got inside. Now, sit back, relax, and Connect to spring!
February 2016 Issue | Download this issue (35.4MB)

This month we have: a sporting charity helping those after the 2011 earthquake; a guide to the ultimate bento; a heartfelt book review giving an insight into grievances; the wonderful block events calendar, and much more.
December 2015 Issue | Download this issue (35.88MB)

Keeping with the theme of winter, in this month’s issue, we have an insight into the cold Japanese winter, a run down on the entertainment you can enjoy this cold season, a restaurant in the heart and hearts of the LGBTQ community, and then, in an attempt to warm us up, a childhood elephant fantasy becomes reality in the warmer regions of Thailand.
November 2015 Issue | Download this issue (39.85MB)

This month we have a first-hand account of what treasure chests the Tokyo Game Show had to offer this year, written by one of our own Entertainment Editors!; A Yosakoi experience that now runs parallel to one CIR’s experience in Japan; the wonders of trekking Yakushima; and another wonderful recipe, with a Canadian flair.
October 2015 Issue | Download this issue (29.4MB)

Autumn is here! Leaves aren't the only things changing their color, and Connect has you covered with essential Fall tips for beauty products and skin care. And why not bring the taste of Autumn to your get-togethers? The month we're bringing you can't-miss Japanese pumpkin recipes! We also look back on Summer with an ALT's summer music festival experience in Japan, and what you need to know to get in on your own music fests. This month also marks the beginning of our regular Staff Picks feature. All that and much more to connect with inside!!
September 2015 Issue | Download this issue (40.16MB)

As the streaks of the summer sky are becoming darker with each day and the temperatures are slowly getting cooler, Connect is here to brighten up your day! We have some great content in all lined up for you; including tips on getting involved with your community and a foray of recipes to keep your eyes and stomach satisfied. We hope all the tips, the events calendar and some of the great stories inspire you. We’ve also recently had a change of staff here at Connect, and this is our first independently made issue! We hope to continue providing all the best content to our readers, so please stay tuned and let’s journey forth together!
Tokyo Orientation (July-August) 2015 Issue | Download this issue (25MB)

This special issue is created with Tokyo Orientation and the incoming JETs in mind. It's full of useful information about getting settled in Japan, with great tips for adjusting to the summer heat, shining as an ALT, coping with homesickness, and more. There's also great tips on getting involved in Japan culture and life. But, even if you're not a new, incoming JET, this issue is a great resource! Check it out!

May 2015 Issue | Download this issue (45MB)

Our final issue before the summer break is here! Not to worry, though. We'll still publish stories online throughout the summer, so keep sending them in. The May issue brings stories about fashion shows, classic foods, Beat Takeshi, Nowruz, cheap lodgings, flag football, Fuji climbing, running commandments, and more. It's got a few more pages than usual, as we tried to cram as much last-minute goodness in as possible. We hope you enjoy reading it! This also marks Steven's last Connect as head editor, so send him and the rest of this year's team a nice message!

April 2015 Issue | Download this issue (29MB)

As the wave of sakura blossoms sweeps across Japan, so do the changes in staff and students. New faces are all around, and it's the perfect time to set a new course and make some changes of your own! Soon, the AJET National Council will be welcoming 29 new members, with 15 of them newly created positions to better serve the national community of JETs, non-JETs, and alumni. Here at Connect, we've still got one more issue until the new staff takes over, but changes are coming! Savor this penultimate issue with the team as we talk about cricket, street art, film fashion, pearl divers, bridge biking, citrus fruits, travel mistakes, city roses, animal islands, and something called 'normcore'. Enjoy!

March 2015 Issue | Download this issue (34MB)

The weather is getting a little warmer, the sky a little bluer, and the days a little longer; it must be March! Read up on some great things to discover and enjoy before heading out for spring vacation. Maybe watch some Japanese post-war cinema, or attempt to follow the plot of a kabuki play, or simplify planning for your next world travel, all the while listening to some Kero Kero Bonito, this month's exclusive interview subjects. There's also some important info about volunteering with the AJET National Council and the Peer Support Group, for people who are looking to get involved, improve things for other JETs, and develop their professional skills. Contact us with any questions, and we'll see you next month!

February 2015 Issue | Download this issue (51MB)

Demons out, luck in! Happy February! It's back to full-size for this issue, and there's lots of content to keep you busy at your desk or under your kotatsu. We have three useful guides for you, including DIY facial treatments, choosing the right low-cost carrier at Japanese airports, and getting out in the snow for some boarding or skiing! For interesting articles, we have some great features on 20th-century Japanese fashion, modern Noh theater, and gorgeous photos of Okinawa's easternmost island. We also speak with Wesley Julian, documentary director working to support Tohoku, and compare the films Battle Royale and The Breakfast Club (really!). There's bound to be something for everyone to read this month, so we hope you enjoy!

January 2015 Issue | Download this issue (44MB)

2014 is out, and so begins 2015, the Year of the Sheep! We kick off the New Year with a look back at the old, which was quite a big year for Connect magazine. In this issue, the Connect staff talks about our favorite stories from 2014, as well as our best personal Japan moments and our resolutions for 2015. Over the past year, Connect has seen some radical changes in our design, a wider breadth of stories and features, more multimedia connectivity, and a brand new online space here on! We met most of our goals for last year, but there's plenty more to do. Keep sending us your stories, blogs, photos, recipes, questions, tips and more!

December 2014 Issue | Download this issue (41MB)

Our last issue of 2014 is a big one! Not only is it a bit longer, but we’ve also got some big stories. This month, we interview published authors about their time on JET and their work in the world of professional fiction. We also spoke to members of the Japanese community about their feelings on recent reinterpretations of Japan’s post-war constitution. We’ve also got tons of great photo features from Tokyo Fashion Week, the Chirimen Kaido, and underwear snowboarding. As usual, you’ll find a buffet of online features and outside links. Videos, extended interviews, shopping and more! Check it out!

November 2014 Issue | Download this issue (34MB)

How do you like the new cover? We’re fully in fall now, and it’s the perfect time to bundle up, start planning your winter vacation, and read about Japan. This month we’re talking about snow tours, rugby coaches, tall ladies, apocalyptic fiction, meat blogs, yogurt straining, Chinese visas, Cricket Blasts, and Spotlighting 7 very cool members of the community. David Namisato returns to Connect with a post-halloween “Life After the BOE” comic, the events calendar is jam-packed, and we unravel the tangled web of history behind those islands everyone’s arguing about. Enjoy!

October 2014 Issue | Download this issue (45MB)

The changing of the seasons brings with it unique changes to food, fashion, and fun. Connect magazine is here to tell you everything you need to know about the fall! Join us this month as we talk about seasonal events, autumn wardrobes, fall foodstuffs, and cool-weather sports. You’ll also see the return of several ongoing features, such as In the News, VS, Ask Sempai, and Spotlight! October also brings back Connect Comics, with new comics from Marika Jackson, Christopher Chong, and Mary Cagle, creator of the popular webcomic Kiwi Blitz and current Miyagi JET!

September 2014 Issue | Download this issue (40MB)

The September issue marks a new year for Connect after our Tokyo Orientation special edition. We return to great stories and photos of the community in Japan. We’ve also tuned up the design for easy reading on your computer, smartphone, or any mobile device. Open it up for a look through Japan’s days of fashion past, summer’s important news, comparisons of Japan and America’s New Wave movement, tips for cooking in a Japanese kitchen, sports tournaments throughout the country, and an all new Spotlight section chock-full of awesome people. We’re always on the lookout for great insights and experiences to share with the community, and we’re always listening to your comments and questions. Give us a clip, click the comment button, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tokyo Orientation (July-August) 2014 Issue | Download this issue (30MB)

This issue, created special for the incoming JETs set to arrive this summer, is full of information about getting settled in and involved in Japan. Even if you've already been here for years, there's still great tips for adjusting to the summer, becoming a great ALT, coping with homesickness, volunteering, and more. You can finally see the results of May's mobile phone poll, as well! Also want to check out our brand new design, created specifically to look better on your screen and be more readable. Whether this is your first Connect, or you've been with us for a few years, there's a lot of new and exciting things going on here. Give it a read!

May 2014 Issue | Download this issue (43MB)

It’s only fitting that our last issue of Connect magazine before the summer break was our biggest and most challenging. In addition to all the new things we tried out, we wound up making this issue twice as the Computer Gods swallowed the first draft forever. We’re sorry for the wait, but we certainly think it’s worth it!

April 2014 Issue | Download this issue (41MB)

The second-to-last issue of Connect is one of our best ever! Aside from a smorgasbord of wedding food, fashion, culture, and etiquette for when that young teacher or friend invites you to their special day, the April edition features tons of great Spotlight subjects, a jam-packed Sports section, an update on JETs Rally for Tohoku, information on donating blood in Japan, and plenty more!

March 2014 Issue | Download this issue (40.7MB)

The March issue sees Connect back to its full power! The sections are jam-packed with brand new content for readers to enjoy. You can learn about ‘renting’ foreigners in Tokyo, a Japanese podcast to help people speak to foreigners easier, morning makeup routines, delicious community recipes, going from the couch to a 5k run, the best spots to see cherry blossoms, volunteering youth groups, naked man festivals, and so very much more! This is also our first issue to feature comics from our readers! Check it all out!

After JET Conference 2014 Issue | Download this issue (10.9MB)

Whether you’re leaving this year, or signed on for another, the After Jet Conference special edition of Connect is for you! Departing JETs can join Eden Law in exploring the intricacies of post-JET life with the goodwill ambassadors that make up the different world-wide JET Alumni Associations, or reminisce with their fellow leavers in a sound-off interview about favorite JET memories! Not going anywhere yet? Check out our selection of must-visit places across Japan to top up your bucket list! There’s something for every JET in this special edition of Connect!

February 2014 Issue | Download this issue (12.8MB)

As the cover suggests, the February issue does feature articles about those warm fuzzy feelings of love. We discover readers’ favorite romantic spots in Japan, assure you that giri-choco isn’t all that bad, and look behind the science of attraction. However, the issue isn’t purely Valentine’s-focused! We also have an in-depth look at the ‘tradition’ of Japanese unpaid overtime, a CrossConnect review of Sukiyabashi Jiro, and an interview with Ben Martin, author of the Samurai Awakening series of novels. Find these features, Spotlights, editorials, photos, haiku and more inside the pages of the February edition!

January 2014 Issue | Download this issue (8.6MB)

The January issue of Connect is a bit slim, sharing half its content with February, but that doesn’t mean there’s not good stuff to be read! Useful apps for Japan life, top albums of the year, gripping sports stories, and more can be found in these pages! Enjoy and share! This month we had contributors from every block. How cool is that?

December 2013 Issue | Download this issue (18.7MB)

While the December issue has a decidedly holiday vibe to it, there’s plenty of non-Christmas content to be had. We have some mega interesting movies to watch under the comfort of your kotatsu, hot and cold travel recommendations, and tons of delicious-looking recipes to try out!

November 2013 Issue | Download this issue (18.7MB)

Get the latest issue of Connect magazine and read about the latest in fall layering fashion, how to successfully eat gluten-free in Japan, check out major events happening in your area, and much more!

October 2013 Issue | Download this issue (23.9MB)

This month’s issue of Connect magazine features lots of October in Japan content and new contributors! We sit down with Hal Edmonson of the AJET Peer Support Group for some insight on their history and the services they provide, and with Nelson Babin-Coy, who’s challenging the rigid music industry in Japan with free downloads and digital marketing. We also look into some Halloween culture, marathon sports, and the impact of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics announcement. You can find all this and more inside!

September 2013 Issue | Download this issue (18MB)

The September issue of Connect sees the debut of Connect’s new features: the Reader Poll, Ask/Connect questions, and the community Spotlight. We wanted to bring more people into the magazine, and give you more ways to contribute than just photos and articles.

That doesn’t mean that this issue is lacking in great editorial content, though! Check it out for a look at Japan’s most famous rock festival, Fuji Rock, a breakdown of Abenomics, a guide to Okinawa, summer recipes, and much more!

Tokyo Orientation (July / August) 2013 Issue | Download this issue (15MB)

The special print edition of the Tokyo Orientation issue is now online for everyone to read. This handy guide to settling in Japan was distributed to every new JET who attended Post-Arrival Orientation in Tokyo this year.

Not a new JET? You might still be interested in the block travel recommendations, summer survival tips, volunteering resources, or photos of our lovely AJET National Council. Heading to Tokyo soon? We’ve got a quick guide to the major wards and a rail map!

May 2013 Issue | Download this issue (6.7MB)

The May issue kickstarts the summer with tons of travel tips, guides, and ideas.

April 2013 Issue | Download this issue (5.4MB)

This issue of Connect is as entertaining as it is informative.

March 2013 Issue | Download this issue (7.9MB)

The March issue of Connect is packed with cultural insight and glimpses of history.

After JET Conference 2013 Issue | Download this issue (11MB)

January / February 2013 Issue | Download this issue (6.6MB)

December 2012 Issue | Download this issue (7.3MB)

November 2012 Issue | Download this issue (6.4MB)

October 2012 Issue | Download this issue (6.7MB)

September 2012 Issue | Download this issue (9.6MB)

Tokyo Orientation (July - August) 2012 Issue | Download this issue (14.1MB)

May 2012 Issue | Download this issue (5.65MB)

April 2012 Issue | Download this issue (13.5MB)

March 2012 Issue | Download this issue (13.5MB)

February 2012 Issue | Download this issue (11.8MB)

December 2011 Issue | Download this issue (13MB)

November 2011 Issue | Download this issue (8MB)

October 2011 Issue | Download this issue (7MB)

September 2011 Issue | Download this issue (10MB)