Photos & Haiku

Every month, Connect and AJET choose one spectacular photo from the community to use as the cover photo for Connect magazine. Did you know that all of Connect’s photos, not just the cover, are provided by the community? We accept photo-only submissions for use throughout the magazine, or for photo reviews of events and trips. If you’re an aspiring photographer and want your work published, we want to see your shots!

Our weekly haiku are all written by members of the international AJET community. You can find them up at the top-right of every page! Every week on Monday we’ll swap in a new one, so send us your simple, structured musings on life in Japan. You may just find your wabisabi words featured on for all to see. Never written haiku before? Ancient poetry forms scare you? Don’t sweat it! We’re working with the most basic, non-academic definition of ‘haiku’ here. Three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables (respectively). Haiku are also best when they evoke a specific image or feeling. Easy! Make sure to include your name and prefecture (as well as the years you were here, if you’re no longer in Japan).

May Connect cover photo submissions

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Rules and legal things


To be considered for the cover, photos must be submitted by the 25th of the month and include your name, prefecture, and title (if applicable). Photos must belong to you, and be of high resolution (1280×720, 300dpi, or higher). If the photo includes people’s faces, they must provide permission for the photo to be published. Photos will be credited and copyright will be retained by the owner. By submitting photos, you are agreeing to let them be displayed on, in Connect magazine, and on AJET-related social media. Photos will not be used in advertising, and will not be sold.

Connect is now accepting original artwork for cover image consideration!
If you’ve got some skills with sketching and would like to see your work on the cover of Connect magazine, visit our contact page and send us what you got! Submitted artwork is subject to the same usage permissions as photos (see below) and must follow the following guidelines:

  • Be A4 size (595.276 x 841.89 pixels)
  • Have a 8.504 pixel bleed margin
  • Be of a resolution equal to 300dpi or more


Haiku may be submitted at any time using our submissions form. You may submit more than one at a time, although only one haiku is displayed per week. Haiku must be written by the person submitting them. To avoid legal headaches, no previously published haiku are allowed. Haiku may not contain inappropriate or offensive language. All submitted haiku remain the property of the writer and are displayed here with permission.

If you feel a photo or haiku that belongs to you has been used without your permission, please contact the Head Editor of Connect.