Appointed Positions

The deadline for Appointed Position Platforms is on Friday, March 13th, 2020. Send your platforms to  and .

See Application Rules and Guidelines for more information about submitting a platform. We also recommend all interested applicants read Advice for Candidates before deciding to apply for a position on the National AJET Council.

Appointed Positions Quick Links

Project Manager (Two Positions)

Goals: To help the AJET National Council successfully complete its survey report projects for the year. The Project Manager ensures that opinion exchanges with CLAIR and the three ministries are as beneficial and relevant as possible to both sides.


  • Coordinate and oversee the creation and writing of the annual surveys and reports
  • Present the results at the bi-annual opinion exchanges
  • Help manage other council projects to ensure they progress smoothly and meet deadlines


  • Superior time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks and communicate well with others 
  • Experience with project management or creating project timelines
  • Strong data analysis and writing skills

Contact the Executive Team for more information

Director of Public Relations

Goals: The goal of AJET PR is to spread the word through the current and alumni JET community and raise awareness about what National AJET does, offers and how the work of the council can help fellow JETs. 


  • Write and manage public content for AJET, especially the quarterly Gazette newsletter
  • Direct all AJET promotional campaigns and work to ensure that AJET is effectively represented to those we serve
  • Write and proofread everything posted throughout the National AJET social media outlets
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team


  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Work well with deadlines and be able to offer the Communications Team timelines and hard deadlines
  • Experience with newsletter and/or social media postings is a plus

Contact Taryn Matthews for more information

Director of Social Media

Goals: To maintain and update AJET’s social media presence. The Director of Social Media ensures that JETs are kept up-to-date on JET and AJET activities within their communities and throughout Japan through prompt social media updates.


  • Make posts on National AJET’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with AJET-related news, opportunities, and information
  • Coordinate with the Director of Public Relations to design posts
  • Respond to inquiries or private messages from the public made via National AJET’s social media accounts
  • Work with the Director of Affiliate and Community Relations to moderate JET Special Interest Groups
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team


  • Strong familiarity with a range of social media platforms, in particular Facebook and Twitter
  • Excellent writing skills and an eye for catchy social media content
  • Attention to detail and strong proofreading skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to stick to tight deadlines while accommodating to rapid changes
  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Time management and organisational skills

Contact Lillian Seiler for more information

Website Coordinator (Two Positions Available)

Goals: To leverage AJET’s online resources to make the JET community aware of the AJET National Council’s activities through the AJET website. The Website Coordinator also supports the online needs of AJET’s Special Interest Groups and facilitates communication between council members by maintaining AJET’s Google Apps email service. This role strives to deliver the most robust and accessible online experience possible to users coming from a variety of devices.


  • Maintain the WordPress installation and post content on AJET’s main website
  • Liaise with AJET’s hosting provider if issues with the service ever arise
  • Work with SIGs and their needs for webspace and email addresses
  • Administer AJET’s Google Apps account to provide email services to the AJET National Council
  • Look for ways to improve the online experience of website visitors coming from a variety of devices


  • Experience with WordPress strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of HTML strongly preferred. Some of the content on the website is written in WordPress’s “text” editor mode, which requires at least some working knowledge of HTML (you will not be expected to write HTML files from scratch).
  • Knowledge of CSS is helpful. WordPress handles much of the heavy lifting, but sometimes custom CSS is necessary to fulfill the needs of certain projects.
  • Knowledge of website hosting preferred
  • Knowledge of SEO preferred
  • Some familiarity with PHP (for occasionally editing .php files)
  • Experience with Google Apps email administration preferred
  • Strong communication skills and the capacity to respond to email quickly to exigencies

Contact Naomi Tawiah or Erika Winters for more information. Interested applicants are encouraged to reach out even if they do not possess all of the above skills. This role can be a great way to gain experience in website management and in website development in general. Be prepared to learn something new every day!

Translation and Interpreting Coordinator

Goals: To make AJET materials and reports available in Japanese and facilitate communication between AJET, CLAIR, and the three ministries (MIC, MOFA, MEXT). The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator organizes and contributes to translations of AJET reports, and provides interpretation at opinion exchanges.


  • Oversee a team of translators to facilitate the translation of AJET surveys, reports, and other materials into Japanese.
  • Provide translations for reports, emails, and other materials as required
  • Proofread Japanese translations and liaise with native speakers to ensure the quality of translated materials
  • Interpret at Opinion Exchange meetings with CLAIR and the three ministries
  • Assist the council in other tasks that require knowledge of Japanese


  • Proficiency in written and spoken Japanese (N2 equivalent or higher)
  • Knowledge of formal written and business Japanese
  • Ability to produce translations on a set deadline
  • Ability to coordinate and work with a team
  • Translation and interpreting experience strongly preferred

Contact Marian Kandler for more information.

Director of Alumni Relations

Goals: To act as the bridge between past JETs (alumni) and current JETs. The Director of Alumni Relations works to strengthen the relationship between the JET Alumni Association (JETAA) and AJET by providing current JETs and alumni chances to interact and share their knowledge. They are also responsible for promoting AJET to the JET alumni community, which in return shares information and job opportunities to JETs.


  • Act as the liaison between JETAA, AJET, current JETs, and alumni (as well as other supporting organizations like the consulates, CLAIR, etc.)
  • Aid in JETAA-alumni projects, and create new JETAA-AJET projects
  • Write promotional articles for third party websites and publications
  • Work on joint events between alumni and current JETs
  • Meet with various chapters of JETAA and JET collaboration, along with creating new contacts through attending networking events
  • Create pre-JET and post-JET opportunities for webinars, fliers, or videos through JETAA and other avenues
  • Maintain and expand a database of current JETAA chapters, contacts, executive members and goals
  • Work closely with the Director of Alumni Resources


  • Time management skills regarding the undertaking and completion of several projects concurrently
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills
  • Capable of working productively both as an individual and within a team
  • Flexibility and commitment as many online and in-person meetings occur in the evenings or on weekends
  • Consistent ability to reach and exceed set goals.

Contact Megan Buhagiar for more information

Director of Alumni Resources

Goals: To manage the networking and employment resources for current JETs and alumni. The Director of Alumni Resources builds solid ties between JETs and alumni by relaying information and employment prospects between the two in coordination with the Director of Alumni Relations.


  • Manage the AJET Job Listings Facebook group and LinkedIn groups
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Source job opportunities from various organisation, company, and employment pages
  • Filter job advertisements that come through to AJET
  • Attend and organise networking events
  • Give guidance to and connect individual JETs with suitable professional opportunities
  • Work closely with the Director of Alumni Relations


  • Ability to communicate with JETs and JET alumni in a timely manner
  • Time management skills regarding the undertaking and completion of several projects concurrently
  • Ability to access Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Groups frequently
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills
  • Capable of working productively both as an individual and within a team

Contact Jocelyn Navera for more information

Director of Affiliate and Community Relations

Goals: To support the JET community through specific programmes and relationships. The Director of Affiliate and Community Relations both serves as a liaison for the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and maintains the AJET hospitality exchange service, Tatami Timeshare.


  • Assist existing SIG communities, and help new SIGs flourish
  • Work with the Director of Social Media to moderate JET Special Interest Groups
  • Oversee the production of annual reports from each SIG
  • Manage the Tatami Timeshare service and associated social media
  • Promote inter-prefectural interaction and travel via Tatami Timeshare, events, and more


  • Excellent electronic communication skills
  • Ability to use Google Sheets, Forms, and Maps
  • Knowledge of Facebook group management
  • Openness to allow a broad range of special interests to have a voice
  • Organisational skills and long-term planning capability

Contact Steven Coyne for more information

Director of Online Publications

Goals: To oversee publication of AJET Connect Magazine and maintain a creative platform for JETs and other expatriates in Japan. The Director of Online Publications works to not only ensure consistent timing and quality for these publications, but to improve and expand upon them by reaching new audiences and establishing new features.


  • Act as head editor of Connect, in a dual project manager and copy editor capacity
  • Interview, hire, and work with a team of section editors, copy editors, and social media moderators to produce monthly content for the magazine
  • Ensure high standards for grammar and content quality
  • Communicate a schedule to all team members and assign tasks based on skills and position
  • Ensure that the many moving parts involved in the creation of Connect Magazine work seamlessly every month
  • Work closely with the Head of Visual Media and the design team on the look and layout of Connect each month, offering feedback and suggesting changes
  • Act as the public face for AJET Connect Magazine, liaising with not only the AJET National Council about magazine-related matters but also with outside organisations and publications


  • Superior time and project management skills required
  • Strong organizational skills required, due to mass content and necessity of advanced planning
  • Strong English language and editing skills preferred
  • Superior communication skills, to maintain lines with both their team and an extensive network outside of the magazine

Contact Alice Ridley for more information

Head of Visual Media (Two Positions)

Goals: To ensure that all AJET content is visually consistent and clear in print and web. The Head of Visual Media designs, updates, and maintains the branding of AJET through its publications, the AJET Gazette newsletter and AJET Connect Magazine, and on National AJET Social Media channels.


  • Manage, design and edit the layout and visuals for Connect magazine
  • Coordinate with the Director of Public Relations and Director of Advertising on advertising for Connect and the Gazette
  • Supply requests from the AJET Council for visuals, such as graphics, pamphlets, posters, and business cards.
  • Work on enhancing the appearance of AJET reports
  • Determine branding guidelines and maintain consistency and uniformity of images
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team


  • Knowledge of design tools, such as the Adobe Suite
  • Experience in the design industry preferred
  • Time management skills and prompt response rate
  • Superior teamwork skills (potential for sudden deadlines, constant feedback, and increase in workload)

Contact Ashley Hirasuna for more information   

Director of Advertising

Goals: To get the best deals and benefits for JETs. The Director of Advertising liaises with external companies in order to negotiate discounts, giveaways, and special deals for JET Programme participants, in return advertising to JETs.


  • Decide what advertising opportunities can be offered to companies in return for their special offers to the JET community
  • Be proactive in maintaining regular contact with companies and organisations which can offer products that will interest and benefit JET Programme participants
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team


  • Answer emails in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Diligence in all communications
  • Exceptional time-management and organisational skills to keep up with communication
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of current partnerships
  • Proactivity and tenacity toward contacting companies
  • Ability to demonstrate fairness to all of AJETs partner companies and organisations
  • Utilize an online calendar for AJET community to discover events/deals
  • JLPT N2 level Japanese or above preferred, but not essential

Contact Sarah Scriven for more information

Director of Partner Relations

Goals: To maintain the best deals for JETs alongside the Director of Advertising. The Director of Partner Relations maintains a good relationship and constant contact with external companies who we have worked with previously in order to keep up-to-date discounts, giveaways, and special deals for JET Programme participants. This position works closely with the Director of Advertising and they help each other in writing and final executions of contracts and partnership plans.


  • Works to create and maintain relationships with existing third-party affiliates
  • Ensuring that all of our partners are satisfied with their current AJET relationship
  • Creates plans of action for current partners who have an association with AJET and assist with strategy on existing campaigns
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team


  • Answer emails in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Diligence in all communications
  • Exceptional time management and organisational skills to keep up with communication
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of current partnerships
  • Proactivity and tenacity toward contacting companies
  • Ability to demonstrate fairness to all of AJETs partner companies and organisations

Contact ">Edward No for more information

Director of Professional and Education Development

Goals: To assist JETs in becoming more skilled and accomplished educators and professionals. The Director of Professional and Education Development gathers educational and professional articles, materials, courses, and resources that JETs can use to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives during their experience on the JET Programme. They also maintain a selection of up-to-date tools for Japanese language study and help JETs to broaden their skill-sets and prepare themselves for transition into other careers after their tenure on the JET programme has ended.


  • Connect professionals with those of similar interests to broaden networks, enable new projects, and create support for existing initiatives
  • Seek to establish and maintain relationships with professionals and resource providers for the benefit of JETs
  • Oversee the Outstanding Educators Program TEFL discount awards and the National AJET database and resource directory
  • Identify new opportunities for professional and educational growth to share with the JET community
  • Negotiate and provide opportunities to speak at and attend conferences and enroll in teaching courses, in Japan and online


  • Strong work ethic, computer, and communication skills as well as online collaboration tools
  • Passion for teamwork and collaboration
  • Effective time management skills
  • Passion for improving the overall quality of JETs’ skills and lives
  • Passion for meeting deadlines, creating and completing complex projects
  • Experience creating standards and improving project or procedural efficiency

Contact Samantha Cosentino for more information  

Director of Digital Resources

Goals: To maintain and update current website resources, and to create new resources.  The Director of Digital Resources strives to improve the daily lives and adventures of current and future JET Programme participants


  • Research gaps in information that JET Programme participants need that are not readily available on other forums/websites
  • Scan JET forums and Facebook pages to identify lacking information, and recruit volunteer contributors to write relevant information pages for
  • Write information and develop new resource sections for the website
  • Edit and organise website structure and contents (links, pages, menus)


  • Team-leading and task delegation skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Time and project management skills to keep deadlines and determine deadlines
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Communications Team

Contact Nick Colaccino for more information.

Director of Volunteering

Goals: To inspire the JET community to engage in volunteering opportunities. The Director of Volunteering organizes events through National AJET, proactively seeks out and promotes volunteer opportunities with other organisations, and offers guidance to JET volunteers.


  • Maintain and update the volunteering database on National AJET website
  • Develop and implement strategies to foster volunteerism and recruit new partnerships
  • Assist the JET community in finding service opportunities
  • Coordinate and promote volunteering initiatives


  • Experience in project management
  • Proactivity and a strong work ethic
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Passion for community service

Contact Natasha Taliferro for more information

Director of Human Resources

Goals: To coordinate with JETs on information sharing and conflict resolution to improve relationships amongst JET participants and their communities. 


  • Intake for complaints related to National AJET and local chapters
  • Gather information and corroborate details in more serious cases
  • Update National AJET Executive team and interested parties as needed
  • Coordinate with Block representatives, local AJET representatives and PAs to help compile information and advocate for JET programme participants
  • Connect with Contracting Organizations (BOE or otherwise) to help mediate issues when necessary
  • Present information on such issues to COs, CLAIR, and National AJET for evaluation


  • Interest in advocating for JET Programme Participants
  • Research skills
  • Detail-oriented, well-organized, and not conflict-averse.
  • Ability to communicate in Japanese is desirable, but not required
  • Previous experience in human resources-like positions involving documentation of difficult situations, arbitration, and conflict resolution is also desirable, but not required.
  • Potential to evolve position as needs of JET Programme Participants continue to evolve.

Contact the Executive Team for more information

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