Platform Examples

Need some help getting started on your platform? Have a read through the sample platforms below.


To be the AJET Block representative for [region name] where an exceptional ability to liaise and communicate effectively is required.

My name is [NAME]. I am 2nd year ALT in [LOCATION]. I value greatly the opportunity JET has given me. It is my desire for the JET Programme to continue to evolve and thrive by strengthening the JET community.

What Can I Do For You?

  • Represent you at the national level, thereby ensuring that your ideas and opinions influence the direction of AJET and in turn the JET Programme. This will continue to enable us to fulfill our appointments on the JET Programme more effectively and strengthen JETs for the next chapters in their lives.
  • Keep you informed of regional and national affairs as well as introduce you to events happening around the country.
  • Bring ideas to the National Council that will help all JETs in my community to improve English education and internationalization.


  • Possess excellent negotiation and public relation skills.
  • Am highly skilled in collaborating with others.
  • Have a genuine interest within the field of education and internationalization.
  • Am enthusiastic, professional and reliable.
  • Have first hand knowledge of all/most prefectures of our region.
  • I have experience teaching in OOO and OOO and organizing internationalization events in OOO.
  • Tokyo Orientation, [PREFECTURE] Orientation, Skill Developement Conference Presenter.
  • ESL teaching in [LOCATION].
  • Presenter and Workshop Facilitator.
  • DipT, BEd, PGCert Spec Ed, Master Learning Management.

My Promise
By electing me as your AJET representative for Block [ ] you will enable us to make important progress and ensure that your voice will be heard. You can make certain that you will never be out of the loop.

My Track Record
When I volunteered in our community I did…


My name is [NAME], I am a first year ALT in [LOCATION]. I was thrilled when I found out that I was placed in such a beautiful part of Japan. My dedication to the JET community and this region, coupled with my drive to do great work means that I will do the best job representing the JETs here.

I have been lucky to land in one of the tightest JET communities around. Since day one I have felt welcomed and included, and am eager to pass this on to the new arrivals. I think the bonds within each prefecture, and inter-prefecturally are important to sustaining the JET programme, and the well-being of each JET. I want to encourage JETs to get involved in the great events in surrounding prefectures to share history, information and culture, and friendship.

Prior to JET, I worked as an Account Executive for an advertising agency. It required great communication skills and organization, with the main components of my job being events planning, client service, and production. My background would be especially complementary to Ads, Communications, Marketing or Publications liaison.

Before arrival in [LOCATION] I sought out our AJET chapter to offer my help, and have since been involved in planning and running successful [PREFECTURE] AJET events. When the current team retires, I look forward to a more active role with AJET. I work best when I have too many things to do, and love a new challenge. I look forward to the opportunity to represent the JETs of [PREFECTURES]. Please vote for me to be your Block [LOCATION] Rep.

EXAMPLE PLATFORM C: (With Japanese Translation)

Marty McFly, 4th Year, Kagawa Prefecture

I am Marty McFly, a 4th year ALT in western Kagawa. I am grateful every day to be a JET in this amazing place and to be a part of our community of diverse and talented individuals.That’s why I want to become Block 8 Representative and give something back to all of you.

I am highly qualified to be your representative. I served as Kagawa’s AJET Prefectural Representative in my 2nd and 3rd years and I’m currently serving as our Treasurer. During my time on AJET, I helped to increase attendance at our events, revitalize our Charity Ball, and bring Kagawa JETs to the All-Shikoku Field Day in Tokushima. I’m also a two-time Tokyo Orientation Assistant and I’ve presented numerous times at Prefectural Orientations and Skill Development Conferences. Next week I will be participating in the ALT Opinion Exchange between CLAIR and the Three Ministries. There, I will bring the ideas and concerns of ALTs to representatives of the Japanese government. In my local community, I volunteer weekly at an after-school program and work closely with our International Exchange Association. On the weekends you can usually find me at the Kyudo-jo, catching up with friends or baking another batch of my famous banana bread.

If you elect me, I will work to make sure that you know what’s going on in JET, when and where it’s happening, and how it affects you. It is my intention to represent Shikoku honestly and diligently, listen closely to your concerns and serve as a good liaison. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to give back to the Shikoku JETs by choosing me as your Block 8 Representative.

私はミックフライ・マーチーと申します。 香川県の4年目のALTです。 すてきな香川に住んですばらしいJETの皆様と一緒にいることをありがたく思っています。 だから、四国の代表になって貢献したいと思っています。

私は、何度も代表をした経験があります。二年目と三年目に香川県の代表として働き、今年は会計をさせてもらっています。 AJETを通して、いろいろなイベントの人数を増やしたり、募金のためのCHARITY BALLを活性化させたり、四国の運動会に参加するため、香川のJETの方々を徳島県まで案内したりする活動をしました。 更に私は二回の東京オリエンテーション・アシスタントをさせていただいていて、何回も県内のセミナーで発表することもあります。 来週、CLAIRと三つの省と、ALT意見交換会に参加します。 ALTの方々と意見を交換したり、心配になることについて話し合ったりします。 地元の小学校で放課後ボランティアをし、国際交流のために働いています。 週末は弓道をしたり、友達と遊んだり美味しいバナナブレッドを作ったりします。

もし、私を選んでいただければ、一生懸命に働きます。JETの様々なことについて頻繁に教えさせていただきます。 四国のJETの皆様のために頑張る覚悟があります。 代表になれば、意見をよく聞いて務めさせていただきます。ぜひ、私を選んでください!

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