Skills Development Seminars

Database of Lecturers for Skills Development Seminars

In an effort to increase JETs professional connections to local and national language teaching professionals in various realms of Japanese English Language Education, AJET has compiled an easy-to-use open-access database for Prefectural Advisors to use to review and share information about keynote lecturers. This database is open to current Prefectural Advisors (JET and municipal) only. PAs can both input information regarding previous speakers and lecturers hosted in their area as well as browse through the registered lecturers, who are eager and have signed up either through our JALT conference liaison or through the website survey. If you are a current PA, please request access to the document by clicking on the link while signed into your current email address.

Access the database here.

Professional Groups Interested in Connecting JETs to Presenters

Japan Intercultural Institute(JII): The Japan Intercultural Institute (JII) is a non-profit institute supporting education, research and career development for intercultural professionals. It organizes seminars, sponsors research, and helps develop intercultural education textbooks and training materials. Its core mission is to encourage the deep learning, insight, and transformation that comes from intercultural experiences and foreign language learning.  JII collaborates with publishers, academic institutions, educational associations and business in order to bring together the community of intercultural professionals in Japan. JII seeks to expand the role of intercultural communication education in Japan while helping develop a body of best-practices and intercultural theory which fits the needs of intercultural professionals in Japan.
They are an organization which includes international business professionals, language teachers, intercultural trainers and consultants, translators, interpreters, intercultural communication scholars, administrators of exchange and study abroad programs, specialists in the fields of international understanding, global issues, cross-cultural studies, area studies, cross-cultural psychology, diplomats and international NGO and NPO professionals. They are happy to connect JETs and their professionals for opportunities at skills development seminars and other events. Please contact directly through the website.


AJET Skills Development Presenter Database Registration

This is a registration form to enter a database of potential presenters for JET skills development seminars. It is intended to help fill the gap between JETs and professionals in Japan and create ease of access to skilled, knowledgeable presenters for skills development seminars where JETs participate in ongoing training and development.

Completing this registration form does not guarantee in any way that you will be invited to present, however, we hope it can help fill a need for current JET Programme Participants.

When possible, please include your information in Japanese as well as English. While we would like to do our best to protect private information, we are not liable for any risk associated with sharing your professional contact page.

Register for the database here.