2010 AJET Teaching and Internationalisation Awards

The 2009-2010 Awards Programs have come to an end. Twenty-one people have been recognized for their exceptional efforts in the fields of internationalsation and education.

National AJET wishes to congratulate these inspiring people and
express their gratitude to those who took the time to acknowledge those that make such a difference in our lives.

In the field of internationalisation, we would like to congratulate Ms Ikuko Inoue of Tomoeda Elementary School, Fukuoka Prefecture for her support of children’s education worldwide, especially in Nepal. ( … Read More)

We would also like to congratulate Mr Sunao Matsuhira of Johen Junior High School, Ehime Prefecture for his outstanding contributions to the field of English Education. ( … Read More)

Please click on the he following links (T.A.P/I.A.P) to view the detailed results!

Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2010 AJET Awards: the Shimane Student Exchange Program, the Nagano AJET and Kumamoto AJET charity events, the Tajima Ultimate Frisbee sports event, the Nara AJET Masquerade Ball and everyone at Hiroshima’s wideislandview.com and Nagazasshi’s “The Nagazasshi” magazines.

Click here to see all the AJET Award Winners!