2015–2016 AJET Appointed Positions

Congratulations to all of the following JETs for their upcoming appointments to the AJET National Council! We all look forward to the great work that they will do as the 2015–2016 Council, and thank them for having the gumption to step up and serve the community. The new term for National AJET will transition on June 1, 2015—stay tuned!

Director of Advertising
Jared Oliva

Director of Affiliate and Community Relations
Maria Chaverri

Director of Alumni Relations
Ashlie O’Neill

Director of Alumni Resources
Ryan Hata

Director of Digital Resources
Seamus McGurgan

Director of Online Publications
Rajeev Rahela

Director of Professional Development and Education
Leslie Wier

Director of Public Relations
Jennifer Edwards

Director of Social Media
Maia Martucci

Director of Volunteering
Amon Bradshaw

Director of Visual Media
Patrick Finn

Project Manager
Zachary Krause

Translation and Interpreting Coordinator
Kimberley Morgan

Website Coordinators
Rachel Arredondo, Himani Shah