2018 National AJET Council Special Elections Results

 AJET Elections


The National AJET 2018-19 Council special elections for Blocks 2, 6, and 10 have ended. We are pleased to announce your elected representatives for the coming year!




Block 2 Representative

Votes cast: 22
Votes needed to win: 21

First Round

Result: Eilidh Cartwright

Eilidh Cartwright 21
Re-Open Nominations 1


Block 6 Representative

Votes cast: 59
Votes needed to win: 31


First Round

Result: Rebecca Ruth

Logan Scott 22
Rebecca Ruth 36
Re-Open Nominations 1


Block 10 Representative

Votes cast: 16
Votes needed to win: 9

First Round

Result: Lila Klopfenstein

Lila Klopfenstein 15
Re-Open Nominations 1