AJET Cares

Dear JET Participants,

As you know, many JETs live in areas that were heavily affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Though relief agencies have been making headway, some regions are still without regular access to power, heat, or supplies. NAJET has provided information on volunteering and donating through some of these organizations, but now we’d like to focus on helping out within our own community, JET to JET.

If you have been looking for a way to get involved, whether as a local AJET chapter, as a group, or as an individual,  here is an opportunity to help on a very personal level. We will be putting together a database of request for assistance and offer to help from across the nation. JETs in affected areas will be paired with JETs from areas that are able to provide support. Our hope is that this will strengthen the bonds within our community, while providing personal, timely aid.

We will try to arrange recipients and senders based on the specific requests and information provided by both sides. JETs who are able to send supplies should click on the link at the bottom of the page and fill out the “Application to Send Assistance” form. JETs who live in areas affected by disaster should fill out and submit the “Application to Receive Assistance” form at the corresponding link below. JETs living in affected areas may also include requests for items in need at a specific evacuation shelter.

Once NAJET pairs up applicants and contact is established on both sides, we hope that the support relationship will grow from there, and that JETs will be able to communicate between one another. However, if you need any advice or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The list of respondents will be continuously updated, and the more people can help out, the better. We strongly encourage senders to work together with their prefecture’s AJET chapter!

Guidelines for what to include, box size limits, etc. are included on the application forms.

We will be matching up JETs as we get more information, so it may take some time before you have a contact. We ask for your patience, and in the meantime, encourage you to get involved in your local communities by raising money or gathering donations. For a list of ways that you can help out, please browse our website.

Click here to SEND a care package
Click here to REQUEST a care package

For questions, comments, feedback, please contact: