AJET Offers TEFL Certification Discount to Incoming JETs

AJET remains firm in its commitment to support and share resources with the JET community. Earlier this year, AJET introduced an initiative designed to equip JETs with workplace tools and professional development opportunities that would help them grow and develop as educators in Japan. This included expanded access to lesson planning advice, information about continuing education programs, and the AJET Outstanding Educators Program. The goal is to contribute to a more professional, higher quality, JET that will serve as a positive reflection of the Programme itself.


As part of this Program, AJET has secured a special rate on TEFL certification for all current participants. In order to increase the number of JETs with formal training in English education before they arrive in Japan, AJET is pleased to announce that the discount on TEFL certification will be available as soon as applicants are admitted to the program. Beginning with the 2012-1023 JET year, new participants may obtain TEFL certification while in their home countries at a discounted rate as they prepare for departure, enabling them better able to take on the challenges of teaching for the first time. More information about the course is available here: