AJET x HealthyTokyo Blog Competition


Ever struggled to find an English speaking doctor or dentist near to you? On the lookout for great organic food shops, exercise classes or relaxing spas? You’re in luck – AJET has teamed up with HealthyTokyo who are offering annual premium memberships to JETs passionate about great health and wellness services!

HealthyTokyo is a health and wellness support service for the English-speaking community throughout Japan. Their premium memberships offer discounts and special offers on a wide range of health and wellness providers, including gyms, spas and organic food shops. HealthyTokyo also offers a concierge service, dedicated to helping you find English speaking medical professionals, confidentially, when you need them.

Interested in winning an annual premium membership to HealthyTokyo? Visit HealthyTokyo’s website or read on to find out how!

How to Enter

HealthyTokyo is inviting JETs to write an interesting blog article about solutions to be healthy in Japan.

This could be about an amazing English-speaking doctor or dentist – or another health and wellness service, such as an onsen, a gym, a skiing equipment store, a vegetarian restaurant, or absolutely anything which has helped you stay fit and healthy in Japan!

The article must be at least 300 words, and should describe your experience and why you think it was awesome!

Do you have a topic in mind? Why not enter the competition! Just follow these simple steps

  1. Register for a free membership on HealthyTokyo.com
  2. Check out some of the articles in the HealthyTokyo Blog for inspiration!
  3. Please send your article saved in a Word or Pages file by email to with the subject line “AJET HealthyTokyo Campaign Entry”. Please include your first name, last name and JET Block in the mail and article. If available, please also send 2-3 images to go with the article.

The deadline for sending in your blog article is November 8th!

By submitting your article, you agree to the Terms & Conditions. For each article received you will be automatically entered into the AJET-HealthyTokyo campaign with a chance to win one annual Premium Membership for HealthyTokyo.com being offered for the best blog articles we receive. For every ten articles submitted by JET section all over Japan, HealthyTokyo will give out one annual Premium Membership, up to a maximum of fifteen memberships in total.