August 2011: Chair Message

Greetings JETs!  Incoming and old alike!

As you’re reading this, you’re probably seeing a lot of new things from National AJET!  This month, we’re very proud to present our new website!  A lot of time, effort (and a very patient webmaster!) went into this stunning achievement. We hope that you’ll appreciate the new look, and that it will help you to easily access anything you’re looking for!

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, if you’re not already, so that you can see our updates to the site in real time!  Expect lots of new content and news EVERY week!  Especially watch our new “AJET Voice” page, “Lesson Plan Database”, and “Japan Guides” just for starters!

Summer heat is here, but we’re not gonna let it stop us!  National AJET is geared up and ready for Tokyo Orientation!  We’ll be there to welcome and help all the new JETs!  Looking forward to interacting with you all more online and with a little luck, in person too!

Don’t let the summer heat keep you indoors!  Get out there and take advantage of the season!

See you soon,
Matthew Cook