New Elections To Be Held for Block 11 Representative Following Kumamoto Earthquake

Elections Reopened


— Current Block 11 members can take part in the Block Representative elections by casting their vote here —

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Monday (16th May) marked one month since the second of two major earthquakes struck Kumamoto, causing widespread damage, 49 deaths and leaving many more injured. The earthquakes seriously affected the lives of residents of both Kumamoto and neighbouring areas.

We’re aware that the lives of local JETs were also severely disrupted by the earthquakes, and that some were forced to leave their homes for extended periods of time for their safety.

At this time, JETs across the country were taking part in elections for the 2016-17 National AJET Council, choosing their Block Representative for the next year. We believe that the earthquakes in Kumamoto may have impacted on the ability of JETs living in Block 11 to participate in this election.

As such, after extended discussion, the elected representatives of the 2015-16 National AJET Council have decided that a new election should be held for the position of the Block 11 Representative.

The new election will be taking place from Thursday 26th May to Wednesday 8th June.

Please note, this election is only open to current Block 11 JETs, who joined prior to 1st April 2016. Incoming Block 11 JETs (who joined, or will be joining after 1st April 2016) will be unable to participate in the election.

While we regret the inconvenience caused to members of the Block 11 JET community who voted in the original election, we believe that a new election is the only way to ensure a fair and accurate result.

We hope  that JETs living in Block 11 will take this opportunity to make their voices heard in the election of their Block Representative, and that they support the winning candidate in their new position.

If you have any questions about the Block 11 Election in light of the Kumamoto Earthquakes, please feel free to get in touch by emailing .

If you would like to learn more about how to help Kumamoto following last month’s earthquakes, you can do so here.