Changing Together! The First JALT JSH SIG Junior / Senior High School Teacher Development Workshop

Date: Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Time: 10am-5pm
Place: Hosei Daini High School, Kawasaki, Kanagawa (Musashi Kosugi Station)
Fee for non-JALT members: 1500 yen
Fee for JALT members: Free

This Teacher Development Workshop is the kick-off event for a Sustainable Junior / Senior High School Teacher Development Project, the aim of which is to create a supportive community of junior / senior high school teachers who are interested in making a change in their classroom teaching.

The Changing Together! Workshop will provide an opportunity for both Japanese and non-Japanese junior and senior high school teachers to review and re-evaluate basic elements of teaching theory and practice, to become aware of what other teachers are trying in their classrooms and to create a cooperative environment where teachers can formulate plans for change in their own classrooms. In order to achieve this, the Workshop has three sections, each comprising a number of sessions. In the morning sessions there will be presentations on Motivation, The Language of Instruction, Teaching Reading, Team Teaching, Classroom Management and Entrance Examinations. The early afternoon sessions are made up of presentations by junior / senior high school teachers about what they are trying in the classroom and what they have learned from the experience. The third sessions will be discussion workshops where participants will have an opportunity to help each other formulate action plans, to implement in their own teaching.

The Sustainable Teacher Development Project comprises two elements and aims to continue what has been started in the Workshop. Through regular follow-up workshops, teachers can continue to learn more about teaching, listen to what other teachers are trying and discuss their plans and those of others. The online Forum will provide a community environment where teachers can continue to receive encouragement, suggestions and feedback on their action plans and the implementation of those plans.

This Workshop and Project are organized by teachers, for teachers, through JALT, an NPO teacher’s organization. If you are interested in becoming involved in what we are doing, then please contact Jake Arnold at