Departing JETs! A heartfelt message from the vice president of JETAA New York

 Departing JETs

Dear Departing JETs,

Otsukare on completing your time on JET: the amazing experiences you’ve had these past one to five years will provide wonderful memories — and friends — for a lifetime! However, remember that your life as a JET doesn’t end when you leave Japan. You now join the ranks of 60,000 JET alumni and dozens of active JETAA chapters and subchapters around the world.

During the four months I spent job searching after I returned home to New Jersey, JETAA New York helped keep me busy. I did informational interviews with JET alumni in my field, wrote for JETwit, proofread articles for JQ Magazine, helped organize and attend events, and attended the JETAANY Career Forum and Welcome Back Reception. It also helped me build an incredible social and professional network that I still have today.

As you prepare for the journey home (or to someplace new), make sure to sign up for the JETAA chapter for your new destination. Soon enough, you could find yourself enjoying a sunset boat cruise in New York, volunteering at the Sister Cities International Conference in San Francisco, doing the Sumo Run in London, tasting sake in Minneapolis, or traveling to beautiful Tiritree Matangi Island in Auckland.

Here is a list of the JETAA chapters around the world and how to sign up via their website and Facebook:

Gambatte and have a safe trip to your next adventure!

Pam Kavalam

Shiga-ken ALT, 2007-2009
Vice President, JETAA New York