Donating Supplies by Foreign Buyers Club

Currently one of the most pressing needs in the Tohoku region is a steady supply of food and other necessities. Food drives and donations in local areas are useful but the cost of shipping can sometimes be more expensive than the items themselves.

FBC is working with Second Harvest Japan to ensure that the food and supplies purchased on its website site are delivered to the people who need them the most, with minimum being spent on overhead charges such as shipping.

By offering only a small range of disaster-specific items, FBC can ensure these products are as cheap as possible and the items on offer reflect the current needs of the area. As previously mentioned, FBC is working with Second Harvest Japan, who is making regular deliveries to the affected region. Due to Second Harvest’s regular, direct contact with the people living in Tohoku they are able to gather information about what is needed and quickly relay this to FBC.

The road to recovery will be long and FBC wants to join with Second Harvest, AJET, Smile Kids Japan, JETWit and all their member in giving what help they can.

Thank You.