Election Results for the 2013-2014 Council

Thank you to everyone who voted in our recent elections, and congratulations to the newly elected 2013-2014 National Council!

Executive Council:
Kay Makishi, Chair
Martin Barry, Vice Chair
Alan Inkster, Treasurer

Regional Block Representatives:
Xan Wetherall, Block 2
Sarah Stout, Block 4
Thomas Wanebo, Block 5
Sandy Cheng, Block 6
Julia Mace, Block 8
Michelle Castro, Block 9
Penny Fox, Block 10
Tamara Rytter, Block 11

*A special election will be held for the Block 3 Representative position from March 11th to March 15th. If you live in Gunma, Ibaraki, Nagano, Tochigi, or Saitama, please stay tuned to vote in that election! If you are interested in serving as Block 1 or Block 7 Representative, please contact the Elections Committee at .

Applications for the council’s appointed positions are due on March 11th. You can find more information about those here: https://ajet.net/ajet-elections/appointed-positions/

Best of luck to the new council as they begin their work preparing for our council changeover in late May.