Emergency Procedures/Information & Evacuation Card

This is available for anybody who needs it. Please feel free to share/use as necessary. It is a condensed version of Emergency Procedures/information on what to do before/during/after an emergency.

Emergency Response Guide Word Document – 127KB
Emergency Response Guide PDF – 164KB

The second document is an evacuation card in English, Japanese, and Spanish, to be given to the people running an evacuation center/shelter when you get there. To use, enter your details, print it out, and keep it with your emergency evacuation pack so that you have it with you when you leave. DO NOT count on having a printer available after an emergency or at the evacuation center.

Evacuation Card Word Document – 40KB
Evacuation Card PDF – 48KB

For more comprehensive information, also consult the 地震に自信を Guide that you were given when you arrived in Japan that is published by the City of Yokohama.

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