GIRL SCOUTS KYOTO needs your help!

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thumbnail of Girl Scout Volunteer Poster for AJETHow many people love those delicious Girl Scout cookies that only come once or twice a year?

Well, the Kyoto City Girl Scouts need your help! Erin Noxon, a current JET supervisor in Kyoto City and a former JET (Nara ’04-’06, Kyoto ’13-’18), is looking for volunteers to help out at Girl Scout meetings and events. She is the current Girl Scout Leader of the Kyoto City troop and would love your help and support!

There is also a leadership position available to volunteer as well, so if you are interested in helping with meetings or events, or even volunteering for a leadership position with the troop, please contact Erin at .

For other volunteer opportunities, check out the AJET’s volunteer page or contact the AJET Director of Volunteering.