JETs Rally for Tohoku


tamfSupport the Taylor Anderson Memorial Foundation by donating during a 24-hour donation drive that starts when the clock strikes midnight in Japan on March 11. Global Giving has offered to match these donations. This is a great opportunity to show your ongoing support for Tohoku by going to the Global Giving website on March 11th to make a donation during the matching grant period.

Online donation drive

  • Donation website: JETs Rally for Tohoku
  • Starts: 12:00 midnight Japan time on March 11th (10 am EST on March 10th; 7 am PST, etc)
  • Ends: 11:59 p.m. Japan time on March 11th (9:59 am EST on March 11th)

Three years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the devastation in Tohoku has largely faded from the news. However, so much remains to be done for the survivors and TAMF has been partnering with a number of organizations in Japan to provide relief and help the people of Tohoku build a strong and vibrant future.

TAMF has provided funding to the following projects:

  • Smile Together Ishinomaki
  • Living Dreams: Tohoku Kids Project
  • Hope for Tomorrow
  • JET Micro Grants
  • Taylor Anderson Reading Corners
  • Taylor Sendai YMCA Scholarships
  • Exchange Programs

For more information on TAMF, please go to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund website, their Facebook page, or watch the NHK interview with Jeanne and Andy below. JETAA USA is proud to partner with TAMF to carry on the support JETs and JET alumni have shown for Japan and the people of Tohoku ever since March 2011.

All donations up to $1,000 per individual donor made to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund on March 11th Japan time will be matched by Global Giving through their Japan Match Global Giving program. (Global Giving will charge a 15% facilitation fee to cover their costs, which donors may choose to cover if they wish so that their full donation amount goes to TAMF. See the donation page for details.)

We are also very happy to see Ambassador Kennedy giving her backing to their mission as well. For coverage of her recent trip to Ishinomaki and visit to Mangokuura Elementary School, where Taylor taught, please check out this article on The Asahi Shimbun.