July 2011: Chair Message

Hello, JETs!

This is the official start of National AJET’s council year!  We’d like to give a very big thanks to the last council and all they did this past year, and all they contributed to the JET Programme as a whole.  I truly feel we’re all personally indebted to them for seeing us through the Tohoku Crisis and being a rock for the JET community.  In the true spirit of community and caring, they were there to give us all information, resources, and a way to contribute in our, and Japan’s, time of need.  Thank you, all.

The new AJET council has a lot of surprises and exciting new info planned for you.  Be sure to keep your eye out, so that you can benefit from all the new things we plan to offer you!

Looking forward to the year, but not so much, the summer heat.   See you all soon!

Matthew Cook
National AJET Chair

Wondering what AJET’s been up to? We’ve been…

  • Changing over to the 2011-2012 Council. (Find out who your new Block Representative is here).
  • Recruiting artists for a new NAJET clip art project. If you’re looking for a way to share your artistic talents with the JET community, please contact NAJET Publications Liaison, Genba Bigby, at .
  • Collecting information about current JET-organized relief efforts in Tohoku to share with JET alumni. If you’ve been involved in the relief effort, please contact your block rep -or- .