KICKSTARTER: My Invincible Compass

 Volunteering and Charity
My Invisible Compass Cropped

Matt Miller, an ambassador of Mirai no Mori (non-profit organization partnered with AJET), is creating a documentary film that spotlights children in care homes. Through his crowdfunding campaign, he hopes more people can discover some of the heartbreaking stories behind why some of Japan’s youth are placed in alternative care and to share the transformative and uplifting journey of a boy trying to restore his trust in others and self-esteem through the outdoors.

For more information, check out Matt’s Kickstarter campaign “My Invincible Compass / ぼくのこわれないコンパス” or the Mirai no Mori blog.

For other volunteer opportunities, check out the AJET’s volunteer page or contact the AJET Director of Volunteering.

Mirai no Mori is a non-profit organization (NPO) that works with abused, neglected or orphaned children in Japan. Since 2011, they have welcomed hundreds of underprivileged children into both their summer and winter camps and numerous other weekend events.