Media Sources and Information Providers

National AJET is working to offer support and resources to the JET community in light of the earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region, as well as with the situation with the Fukushima nuclear plant.

We have no inside information, no direct quotes from government officials, no early warning system. We have Japanese speakers on our team, which gives us access to information sooner than many, however, as many of you have noticed, the news that is released first does not always remain consistent, as further data becomes available.

Below are a list of sources that AJET has found useful.

NHK World News in print and live video stream (English):

NHK World News stream on USTREAM (English)

The Japan Times emergency news (information about nuclear plants at bottom):

Q&A on the Nuclear Power Stations

TimeOutTokyo Twitter feed — faster updates and translation to English of Japanese news updates:

American Embassy in Tokyo:

British Embassy in Tokyo:

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency:

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission:

TEPCO website in English providing updates about blackouts:

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):

Japan Today news:

Yahoo! Japan news aggregate (Japanese, but constantly updating):

Tokyo English Life Line — Counseling, updates and information in English:

Time Out Tokyo — Good general safety advice and updates about the situation in Tokyo, including train and blackout info:

Information about Radiation Levels: