More Public lectures (ICAS: Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies)

TUJInstitute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS) hosts more than 40 lectures and symposiums each year, and invites top-class experts and specialists as speakers. Lecture topics range from politics, the economy, and foreign and military affairs, to cinema and pop culture. All events are open to the public and usually free of charge.

Is Ethical Consumption Going to Change Japan?
Date: Tuesday, April 3 2012
Time: 7:00p.m. (Talk will start at 7:30p.m.)
Speaker: Florian Kohlbacher, German Institute for Japanese Studies(DIJ), Tokyo
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Jacques Hymans: Japanese nuclear policy – Institutional obstacles to change
Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Time: 7:00p.m. (Talk will start at 7:30p.m.)
Speakers: Jacques Hymans

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