New resources now available!


National AJET is proud to announce the rebirth of the Professional and Educational Resources section of the website! The Director of Professional and Educational Development, Christopher Low, has worked hard to restructure it into a navigable, intuitive collection of resources so all JETs can make the most of what AJET has to offer.

To access it, hover over the “Resources” section of the menu bar find the drop-down menu. In addition to the fantastic sections on Counselling, Daily JET Life, and Special Offers, you will find the following:

Our brand new AJET Database and Directory of Resources
This database is a collection of specific resources for ALTs, CIRs, SEAs, as well as anyone looking for translation and interpretation support. For ALTs, the database has a directory to help you find all materials and other resources strewn throughout the internet that the JET community creates or utilizes every day. Want to learn more about EFL/ESL theory? Check out some of the articles we’ve found written by experts in the field. Want a quick lesson? See if a JET Contributor has provided one that fits your needs, or follow the various links to websites like Englipedia, EFLSensei, and

It’s alive and still growing, so if you don’t see something that fits your needs, or have something that you think others would find useful, check out the submission guidelines and send it to us. We’ll upload it ASAP!

Resources for Studying Japanese
Here you can find a list of great study materials for the JPLT and J-Test, reviews of language courses, and many self-study tools. Study away!

Outstanding Educators Program
Now front and center, our Outstanding Educators Program provides a 30% discount on TEFL certification programs through partnership with ITTT.

ESL/EFL and Graduate Program reviews
Looking for another program, or considering graduate school? We have a collection of reviews and recommendations provided by JET alumni—and we would love to hear from you about more!

Professional Growth Tips
We have been hard at work locating articles on how you can add to your professional acumen whether you are a new JET or finishing JET and looking forward to your next career. Broaden your skill-set, improve your time management skills, or look for an online course in your spare time—the JET Programme is a perfect time to become “your best version of you!”

If there is anything you would like to see, or something you would like to add, don’t forget to drop by the submission guidelines page! From all of us, to all of you: ganbatte, minnasan!