New Schedule for Appointed Positions

The National AJET Appointed Positions are for JETs with the special skills necessary to keep our dynamic community running smoothly. The available positions are described below.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 18th.
Results will be announced in April.

Website Coordinator

The Website Coordinator designs, manages, and updates the AJET website. Other duties include IT support for the AJET National Council, managing e-mails, backing up the database, and finding web, hardware, and software solutions for AJET.

Online Publications Editor

The Online Publications Editor is in charge of AJET’s community publications, primarily AJET’s monthly magazine, AJET Connect. This involves managing magazine content, actively seeking and screening new contributors, and determining AJET’s publication schedule.

Head of Visual Media

The Head of Visual Media is responsible for presenting a consistent image of AJET both in printed and digital media. One goal is to keep the clean, current look while adding a warm and inviting feel to AJET publications.

The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator

The Translation and Interpreting Coordinator is responsible for making AJET-related materials available in Japanese. This position translates content for the AJET website and Connect magazine. This position works together with a group of volunteer translators and interpreters as well as native Japanese speakers.

Please see Application Rules and Guidelines for information about the application process. If you have any questions, please contact the Vice Chair, Martin Barry.