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Do you fancy yourself a writer? Got an eye for detail and a good story? AJET Connect Magazine is looking to fill three Section Editor Roles:

General Section Editor
Community Section Editor
Language Section Editor (New!)

The applications will be done through this Google form. Applications close the 18th of September at 21:00, so don’t miss out! Any questions regarding the applications please email me on .

See the descriptions below for more information about each role.

General Section Editor:

As General Section Editor (GSE), instead of having one section that you’re responsible for, you will act as a “floating” Section Editor for any section that needs assistance, both for the website and monthly issues.

Your responsibilities will be largely the same as the Section Editors’. However, unique to the GSE is that, in addition to finding contributors and sourcing articles, it will be your responsibility to fill in for another section in the case of any unexpected situations, such as someone having a family emergency, quitting Connect without warning, or taking vacation outside of public holidays. Because the GSE is not tied to any one section, successful applicants will be well-rounded and knowledgeable on a number of subjects related to Connect’s sections. If you wanted to apply for Section Editor but didn’t know what section to pick, this may be the perfect spot for you.

A Section Editor’s primary responsibility is to source articles for Connect. You’ll work directly with members of the community to provide interesting and engaging content to keep the publication fresh and relevant. Each month within your designated section you’ll be responsible for 3-4 pages of print content for the magazine publication, one article for the Homepage, and for editing what you receive to make it as strong and interesting as possible (if you do not have experience in editing, no worries, we can teach you!). You are also required to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the content contributors send you in regards to dates, facts, and sources included within the article.

Section editors spend a lot of time emailing back and forth with contributors and the Head editor to refine articles and plan for upcoming issues.

To be considered, you must:

— Have consistent, daily access to email (outside of holidays) and a computer.

— Have a basic familiarity with word processors and cloud-based collaboration programs like Google Drive and Dropbox.

— Have a few hours free per week in which to work on finding content and editing that content.

— Be committed to and skilled at completing things on a deadline.

— Have decent English-language skills and an eye for good, interesting stories. Editing isn’t about fixing typos as much as it is about focusing, choosing a direction, and making writing stronger.

Successful applicants will:

— Preferably be plugged into and knowledgeable on the Japanese side of all that Connect reports on.

— Be flexible and quick to adapt.

— Be quick and responsive with emails.

— Have a decent network of contacts, and be good at finding people to write content every month.

— Have an eye for good stories seen on expat blogs, social media, or other Japan-related sites.

— Be willing to find great content beyond the normal Japanese magazine standards.

— Be open and honest (yet polite and professional) with the Head Editor and team about the work being done and how it can be improved.

Community Section Editor

What is community? How do I help with this section? What do I do? For us here at Connect, we see community as anything happening around a local town or city that brings a sense of inclusion or involvement. Like, a purification ritual by jumping into freezing waters at the Hadaka Matsuri in Miyazaki, or getting together to put on an international dinner for your rural area cohabitants of Shimane, or how about connecting with other people through your commonality in raising your children in Japan? Community is broad, but that’s what makes this section great! You have the ability to bring people closer together on a deeper level all while bringing out the true beauty of living in Japan.

This past year, we’ve seen some fabulous articles from all over Japan, including the monthly feature (Community Spotlight) where it highlights certain JETs and their own personal experiences and trials of living in a foreign country, often with family members in tow. Community is about getting personal, and if you like getting deep with people, then we’ve got this section waiting for you.

Learning and Teaching Editor

The section editor will be responsible for sourcing articles related to studying, learning and practising Japanese. The articles can cover all aspects of language learning and acquisition: from getting started and mastering the basics, to conquering a fear of speaking and getting over mistakes. It could also cover test taking (like the JLPT) and tips and hacks. Contributors can also speak from a personal perspective- “This is what works for me” or “How I went from not knowing Japanese to reaching N2 level”- or they can recommend websites or books that help. Most of us are actively trying to learn Japanese, so this section could be a great help!

Also, the editor will be responsible for sourcing articles related to teaching English. So that covers things like lesson ideas, working with JTEs and interacting with students. Basically, how to be the best ALT ever! It can also include articles on the Japanese school environment so ALTs can learn to thrive in their workplace. A great idea would be to include articles on seasonal school festivals and projects undertaken by individual schools.