Recipients of the 2014-2015 National AJET Awards


After much deliberation, the AJET National Council has chosen the following recipients for this year’s AJET Awards:

National AJET Internationalisation Award:
Ms. Kay-Ann Barrett (Gunma)

National AJET Excellence in Team-Teaching Awards:
Ms. Susan Smela and Ms. Tajima Tamami (Gunma)
Mr. Tom Legge and Ms. Ikeda Yoshiko (Hiroshima)

National AJET Goodwill Ambassador Award:
Mr. Charles Browne (Tokyo)

The AJET National Council would like to offer sincere congratulations to this year’s award recipients, as well as gratitude to the JET community for submitting nominations. The official award certificates and letters will be mailed to the award recipients shortly. Thank you all very much!