Temple University Distinguished Lecturer Series

 Professional Development

There are two upcoming lectures from Temple University’s Distinguished Lecturer Series that may be of help to JETs. Through this series, the general public can attend the first three hours of each seminar (Saturday session from 14:00 to 17:00) completely free of charge. You can also audit the entire seminar for a fee.

Dr. Kazuya Saito (Waseda University): Teaching and Researching Second Language Speech

  • Temple University Tokyo, February 15-16
  • Temple University Osaka March 1st-2nd

Dr. Rob Waring (Notre Dame Seishin University): Extensive Reading and Listening and the Foreign Language Curriculum

  • Temple University Tokyo, February 22-23
  • Temple University Osaka March 15-16

For more information on the seminars and how to attend, please visit the Temple University Japan website.

Don’t forget!
Through National AJET’s partnership with Temple University Japan, we have become an official “Friend of TUJ”. All JETs can receive 10% off tuition in the Continuing Education program. For more information on how the partnership works and how you can get the discount, please see the Friend of TUJ Discount Program.