Aftershocks are still coming, STAY AWAY FROM THE SEA. Keep away from things that will tumble down (walls, vending machines, telephone poles, etc.), stay under a table or solid object until the shaking stops. If your building is not safe, find the nearest hinanjo (evac center) like a school.

If you’re indoors when it shakes, make sure you prop your doors open. The frame can warp during a shake, trapping you inside. And make sure your gas valves are off if you’re not using them. Any heavy things you have on the shelves should be moved lower, and stay away from glass windows when it shakes. If you are near the coast or in a low-area, please move inland and upward!

The cell phone emergency keijiban to let people know you are safe can be accessed through your phone’s internet under 災害用掲示板. Hit 登録 and enter your message.

Your biggest concerns should be aftershocks, fire, landslides, and flooding.