National AJET Goodwill Ambassador Award

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National AJET would like to recognize three outstanding JET alumni who most encompass the title of Goodwill Ambassador. The committee is looking for individuals who truly “bring” Japan home with them. Examples could include organized events, penpal efforts, starting a taiko group, art project, a gallery exhibit of pieces from Japanese artists, and more.


The goal is to find and recognize alumni who continue JET community involvement, even back in their own home country and long after their service on the JET program has finished. Do you know someone like that in your local JETAA group? Maybe it’s you! Fill out the form today, and let’s spread the good will!

Nomination Details

  1. Any past or present JET Programme participant (ALT, CIR, SEA) may nominate an alumni (past JET) of who has made exceptional efforts to espouse the title of a JET Goodwill Ambassador.
  2. Fill out the online National AJET Goodwill Ambassador Award nomination form.
  3. Nominations must include a 500 word submission outlining why the individual deserves the award based on efforts made to embody the JET Goodwill Ambassador role.
  4. Nominations will be accepted in the language of any country actively participating in the JET program, although English is encouraged.
  5. Multiple nominations may be submitted by the same JET participant or alumni.
  6. Self-nomination is permitted.
  7. Nominations are accepted by the AJET Council between February 20th and March 20th.

Judging Criteria

All entries are judged by the AJET National Council in conjunction with the International JETAA association. The judges will consider the following when evaluating entries:

  1. The initiation of activities to promote and cultivate Japanese cultural awareness, interest, and participation.
  2. The support and promotion of the local and International chapters of JETAA.
  3. Personal commitment to maintaining strong ties with communities and peoples in Japan, as well as the ability to work well and coordinate people locally.
  4. An established goal that seeks to continue teaching and cultural exchange, in any form.

Awards Recognition

Nominated individuals who clearly demonstrate any or all of the judging criteria will receive a Letter of Recognition and Certificate of Achievement sent by the AJET National Council.

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