2008-2009 Internationalisation Awards

The 2008-2009 Internationalisation Awards Programme recognized 12 citizens for their exceptional efforts towards the promotion of internationalisation within their community.

National AJET wishes to congratulate all of these inspiring people and express their gratitude to those who took the time to acknowledge those that make such a difference in our lives.


  1. Ms Akamatsu Atsuko – Yamaguchi-ken
    • In her efforts to promote peace through international understanding.
  2. Ms Kagiya Emiko – Gifu-ken
    • Promotion of intercultural understanding.
  3. Ms Fujita Tomoko – Fukuoka-ken – (With an amazing 6 nominations)
    • Passion for communication and international understanding through compassion and respect
    • Reconciling the differences between eastern and western life, positively influencing the lives of those around her.
    • Amazing positive attitude, extreme interest in creating wonderful experiences for all involved
    • Fostering of internationalization and cultural understanding through the promotion of social acceptance in Japanese society of the visually impaired.
    • Cultural awareness and apathy towards those experiencing a different culture.
    • Ability to interact with any person regardless of culture
  4. Ms Fujihara Kazue – Osaka
    • Organisation of international events, pursuit of knowledge of language and customs, and the dissemination of information on Japanese culture.
  5. Ms Takuwa Mayumi – Shimane-ken
    • Promotion of international understanding outside of the classroom.
  6. Ms Karasaki Noriko – Hiroshima-ken
    • Assisting foreigners through her ability to speak nine languages, extending her role from part-time International Centre volunteer to full-time educator and international host.
  7. Ms Oki Yuuko – Kumamoto-ken
    • Promotion of international understanding through friendship and cultural appreciation.
  8. Mr Sawada Kunio – Fukui-ken
    • Promotion of intercultural understanding and exchange, support of foreigners through friendship and kindness.
  9. Ms Mogi Eiko – Yamagata-ken
    • Strives to bring international awareness and understanding to Japan through enthusiasm and love of other cultures.
  10. Mr Matsuyama Takehiko – Wakayama-ken
    • Promotion of internationalisation through the assistance of foreigners involvement in Japan
  11. Ms Kusu Yukiko – Wakayama-ken
    • Going beyond the classroom to foster international awareness and appreciation and to allow students the ability to experience diverse cultures first hand.
  12. Ms Yamaguchi Kayoko – Fukushima-ken
    • Promotion of international understanding through friendship and cultural appreciation.