National AJET Excellence in Team Teaching Award

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The National AJET Excellence in Team Teaching Award recognises extraordinary Japanese professional teachers and JET participants who have made exceptional efforts through team teaching to improve the language education of their students.

Nomination Details

JET participants and their Japanese colleagues often strive to bring their creativity and passion for teaching into their classrooms. The cooperation between the pair is very important in their working relationship and also impacts their students’ motivation to learn a foreign language. Many of these team teaching pairs go above and beyond to demonstrate these qualities to their students and colleagues. In order to recognise those exceptional individuals, please consider nominating a team teaching pair for the Excellence in Team Teaching Awards. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Nominations can be made by any JET participant (ALT, CIR, SEA), but the nominations will be for a team consisting of one JET participant and one Japanese teacher of a foreign language.

Each nomination must must include:

  1. A 250-500 word submission outlining why the team deserves the award. This should include details explaining the creativity, passion and cooperation of the team in the classroom. The submission should also highlight how these qualities have impacted the students’ education and how the team is continuing to improve.  Submission may be in English or Japanese.
  2. One lesson plan which was developed in cooperation by both the JET participant and a Japanese colleague. The lesson plan may be entirely in English, Japanese or a mix of the two languages. If the target language of the lesson is not English, please provide explanations in either English or Japanese.
  3. Contact information for both nominator and nominees. Please fill out all required fields of the submission form.
  4. Consent to use the submitted lesson plan on the National AJET website.
  5. Nominations are accepted by the AJET Council between February 20th and March 20th.

Judging Criteria

All entries are judged by the AJET National Council. The judges will consider the following when evaluating entries:

  1. A lesson plan that demonstrates excellent team-teaching practices so as to effectively utilise the skills of both the Japanese teacher of the foreign language and the JET participant.
  2. The use of activities that promote international understanding, student participation and effective application of the target language.
  3. The overall impact the team has on improving their students’ education.
  4. Level of creativity used in the classroom.
  5. The qualities of both members that make the classroom experience engaging and exciting for the students.

Awards Recognition

Nominated teachers who clearly demonstrate any or all of the judging criteria will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Letter of Recognition sent to the principal of their respective schools by the AJET National Council.

Nomination Form

The deadline has passed for nominations. Thanks to everyone who sent in a nomination!