2008-2009 Teaching Awards

The 2008-2009 Teaching Awards Programme recognized 16 Japanese Teachers of English for their outstanding contributions to the field of language education.

National AJET wishes to congratulate all of these inspiring people and express their gratitude to those who took the time to acknowledge those that make such a difference in our lives.

CONGRATULATIONS go to the following recipients;

  1. Mr Furuta Shinichiro – Shimane-ken – Ama Junior High/Ama Elementary
    Dedication, enthusiasm and inspiration, collaboratively plans lessons.
  2. Ms Matsumoto Maki – Nara-ken – Horyuji International High School
    Motivating students by using creative lesson planning incorporating such things as multi-media presentations, and special guests
  3. Mr Murai Junji – Gifu-ken – Gifu-Kakamino High School
    Motivating students by showing respect, illustrating exceptional team- teaching capabilities
  4. Ms Ono Fumiko – Nagasaki-ken – Omura Kogyo High School
    Using practical English within her classroom, promoting international understanding, and community volunteering
  5. Mr Kurita Kazuyuki – Kumamoto-ken – Taragi Junior High School
    Genuine concern for students, a caring teacher, enjoyable professional relationship
  6. Mr Yanagihashi Osamu – Ishikawa-ken – Kanzawa Nishiki Gaoka High School
    Amazing support, encouragement and motivation given to students, encourages and reinforces efforts by ALTs in the classroom, infectious enthusiasm.
  7. Ms Morishita Chiwami – Kumamoto-ken – Okaharu Junior High School
    Passion for teaching and learning, creating a comfortable and encouraging classroom atmosphere, strength of character
  8. Mr Ogawa Tetsuzou – Okayama-ken – Ikura Junior High School
    Brings life and energy to the classroom through mistake friendly learning, inspires creativity, challenges his students daily, and continues to learn himself

  9. Ms Soma Yoko – Aomori-ken – Tohoku Higashi Junior High School
    An astonishing teacher, who cares enough about each student as to alter her teaching style accordingly, who sincerely respects both students and fellow teachers, displays warmth, and respect
  10. Mr Yamakura Koji – Nara-ken – Koriyama Senior High School
    A dedicated professional, an incredible command of the English language, enthusiastically interacting with students at every opportunity, inspirational, constantly promotes international understanding
  11. Mr Takahashi Ryo – Akita-ken – Yokote Minami Junior High School
    He doesn’t just teach English, he likes English and its culture, continuously exposing students to English through many mediums, develops and supports student’s enthusiasm for learning.
  12. Ms Hasebe Akiko – Yamagata-ken – Nakatsugawa Elementary/Junior High School
    Effectively team teaches, encourages and challenges students to use English, incorporates speaking practices at any opportunity, great attitude, and willingness to use English.
  13. Ms Kawakami Mitsuyo – Nara-ken – Kawai Daiichi Junior High School
    Genuine, ongoing enthusiasm, creatively inspires students to learn, uses props and a great variety of genre to teach English, effectively team teaches, engaging and effective.
  14. Ms Uto Yoko – Kagoshima-ken – Kasasa Junior High School
    Energetic, enjoys teaching English, teaches by using the textbook effectively.
  15. Ms Arakawa Tomoko – Fukushima-ken – Kitakata First Junior High School
    Speaks wonderful English, incredible talented, unforgettable disposition, encourages the ALT to learn Japanese and experience its culture, teaches skills that the students need to learn and help those around her to become a more successful teacher.
  16. Ms Yayoi Kasai – Aomori-ken – Ominato Senior High School
    True dedication to her students, high emotional intelligence, creative leadership, impressive command of English, the ability to positively influence students, consistently meaningful positive classroom experiences, who contributes outside the classroom as well for the benefit of the internal community.