2009-2010 Teaching Awards

National AJET would like to congratulate Mr Sunao Matsuhira of Johen Junior High School, Ehime Prefecture for his outstanding contributions to the field of English Education.

During Mr. Sunao’s 23- career in English education, Mr. Sunao has devoted his life to utilising creative, interactive methods to inspire his students to enjoy learning effective English communication skills. He tailors his activities to the unique dynamic of each class, and incorporates several activities into each lesson. For his students, his approach to teaching successfully builds and maintains a high level of interest and excitement for learning. Not only does he work hard to educate his students in English, while maintaining a busy schedule coaching tennis and providing for the needs of his homeroom class, but Mr. Sunao also promotes internationalisation within his school and his community. Over the last ten years, he has created international exchange classes at his school, and has helped other schools initiate similar projects. These projects often utilize other teachers, especially ALTs, to implement presentations and activities about other cultures, performed entirely in English.  For example, he initiated a teachers’ international cooking class, performed by expatriate community members, in the small, rural community of Ainan. All of his activities demonstrate a passion for effectively and enjoyably teaching English, and promoting international exchange. Despite resistance from textbook-oriented teachers, he stands by his own successful methods. Mr. Sunao makes a deep, long-lasting impact on students, enhancing their confidence and abilities in English, as well as instilling a passion for cross-cultural education.

National AJET would like to thank May Tsun for nominating Mr. Sunao, an exceptional teacher and a devoted community leader.

We would also like to thank nominators for taking the time to recognise the achievements of exceptional teachers!
The list (in alphabetical order) of runners up is:

  1. Chikako Atomura (千香子後村), Kaoru Sato(かおる佐藤), and Yanase Tomohiro (簗瀬友宏) nominated by Joel Gruwell, Aomori Prefecture
  2. Hanadani Junko (花谷純子) nominated by Nicole Tuohy, Okayama Prefecture
  3. Hirai Naoko (平井奈穂子) nominated by Crimson Thompson, Hiroshima Prefecture
  4. Hoshi Reiko (星玲子) nominated by Batkhuu Tseveen, Niigata Prefecture
  5. Shigeru Komura (幸村) nominated by Jennifer Hwang, Shizuoka Prefecture
  6. Takayuki Maeda (前田貴之) nominated by Annie Theresa Falch, Gunma Prefecture
  7. Tazuko Hiraoka (平岡 田鶴子) nominated by Jenson Deokiesingh, Toyama Prefecture
  8. Yasuhiro Takeda (武田泰浩) nominated by John Andras Molnar, Miyagi Prefecture