Annual PEPY Ride Fundraiser 2012


Dear PEPY Supporters,

PEPY Tours is busy getting ready for the annual PEPY Ride and we’d love for you to join!

The PEPY Ride is PEPY Tours’ biggest yearly fundraising event, and will take place from December 24th 2012 – January 12th 2013. This cycling adventure offers a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and cycle across Cambodia, all while continuing to support our educational and youth leadership projects. To learn more about how you can take part, please visit

During the trip participants will be introduced to innovative social enterprises, community development projects and local entrepreneurs, all working on creating positive change in inspiring ways. To add to that, the off-the-beaten-track style of this trip allows riders to get up-close-and-personal with Cambodian culture, history, language, and people, all while taking in some of the country’s most beautiful rural back-roads.

The PEPY Ride VIII isn’t just a journey across land, but a learning adventure that will introduce riders to new ideas, perspectives, foods, cultures, traditions and friends, as well as lots of exciting new places. And all while supporting PEPY!

Our mission is to invest time and resources in young people in Cambodia, working with them to connect them to the skills, systems, and inspiration necessary to achieve their goals, raise standards of living, and improve the quality of education in their communities. By participating in this cycling adventure you can help PEPY achieve this.

Thank you!