Food from 6500 Miles Away


It’s rare when someone can say he broke down crying in class and call it one of the best classes ever.

I’m Chris, an ALT in Saitama Prefecture. I was doing a group activity with students where they pretended to create philanthropic organizations. Their ideas brought me to tears, and made me want to do more for hungry children. I wanted to do more than just talk about it with my students; I wanted to be an example. So, I started a fundraiser through

Imagine looking forward to going to school every day, not because you could learn, but because you could finally eat. Imagine dreading the weekend, because that meal will disappear for two entire days. Then, imagine the shame, fear, and frustration of wanting to do well, but being too hungry to focus. Thousands of children face this every day. But, people like you and me are helping. You can read more about the story of what happened in my class on my project page, Food from 6500 Miles Away. If you could help me share it, it would be a huge step forward. Thanks for your time, and my best wishes to you.