What is JET Endurance?

JET Endurance is new charity set up by former JETs in the UK who feel passionately about Japan and want to do all they can to give something back to the country that they once called home.

The one thing that seemed obvious in the aftermath of the heartbreaking events of 11th March is that the JET Programme and its alumni form a huge resource of skilled individuals with a shared love of Japan.

Following their time on the programme some JETs stay in Japan whilst others return to our ‘home’ countries; some continue in a Japan-related career whilst others learn new skills and pursue completely unrelated careers. But each and every one of us has gained something unique from our time as a JET and each and every one of us can give something back to this truly amazing country.

Why ‘JET Endurance’?

It symbolises the spirit of ‘gambarimasu’, it reflects the enduring relationship between JETs and, last but not least, there are some pretty cool ‘endurance’ challenges we can do to fundraise. For example a few of us hope to take part in the Tokyo Marathon 2012- watch this space!

But it’s not all about endurance challenges; it’s about a long term commitment to Japan and helping Tohoku get back on its feet. This includes:

  • A pledge scheme for former JETs to make a monthly contribution (little and often is often what’s needed!),
  • A range of fundraising and awareness raising events,
  • A network of ex-JET volunteers – former JETs can be found in a range of professions and have a wealth of skills and experience which may come in handy (or they may just want to lend a hand)

So, support ‘JET Endurance’ – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

We are soon to launch our website so watch this space but in the meantime you can follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jetendurance or twitter: @JETendurance

What better way to say thank you to Japan for everything it has given us than through the enduring support of the world-wide community of former-JETs.